Stop Illegal and Massive Destruction of Akkulam-Veli Wetlands, Kerala, India

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Mass Destruction of protected Inland Coastal Wetlands in Akkulam Veli Area next to Tidally Active Trivandrum-Shornur Canal

We wanted to bring your kind attention that the construction of the Hotel project by TAMARA LEISURE EXPERIENCES PVT. LTD., Venpalavattom on protected Akkulam- Veli wetlands is completely illegal. This illegal construction now almost completed by violating all the environmental laws of our country.

  • Violating all rules and norms of Environment Clearance by Tamara Leisure Experiences Pvt. Ltd. This group not obtained any Environmental Clearance or Self Declaration submitted to the State Environment Impact Assessment Authority Kerala.
  • As per the guidelines of Ministry of Environment Forest and climate change, Environmental clearance is mandatory only for the establishments having built up area 20,000 m2 and above. But that rule is not applicable for any Tourism Projects. Without Prior Environmental Clearance construction, it is not possible for Tourism projects like Hotel Construction.
  • All Projects need Prior Environmental Clearance if it uses more than 50,000 litres of water per EIA Notification 1994.
  • This Hotel construction is within in 100 metres of the High Tide Line(HTL) of the TS Canal aka Parvati-Puthanar and next to Akkulam-Veli Tidally Active Lake and there is Critically Vulnerable Ecosystem in the immediate vicinity of the project site and it's categorised as CRZ1A. Hence the Hotel is coming up on the CRZ Map so tthey required clearance from Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority.
  • We find out that the Kerala State Pollution Control Board has issued Integrated Consent to Establish(ICE) which is having validity up to 31/01/2020. This is a clear case of illegal functionality by an important government department.
  • Presently all the construction processes on this wetlands have already affected the Ground Water Regime and damaged the drinking water resources of people living in the neighbouring areas.
  • Tamara Hotels construction is situated on wetlands marked by the Space Application Center(SAC-ISRO) and published in National Wetland Inventory and Assessment (NWIA) published by Ministry of Environment and Forest Government of India. Supreme Court Judgement CIVIL(S) 230/2001 to protect these wetlands and under section 15 of the EIA act district collector should take a case against Tamara hotels.
  • This hotel construction illegally obtained Airport Authority of India Clearance on Red Zone Funnel.
  • The slurry and wastewater are being dumped into the neighbouring wetlands.

Please take immediate steps to take legal actions to stop that work and remove all those illegal structure immediately and restore this wetland for the future generations.

President, Environmental Protection and Research Council, Thiruvananthapuram, KERALA.

14 November 2018.