Roll back fee hike and stop slavery in medical and dental colleges

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The medical student community strongly condemns the fee hike of PG medical and dental courses in Karnataka by 20-30%. People all over the world are passing through unprecedented global health crisis at present. Hiking post graduate fees, especially during a time like this would be demeaning and demoralising. This step will further increase the educational disparity where only the rich will be able to afford quality education. When the whole country is devastated by COVID19 pandemic, the frontline workers should be supported and motivated, rather this feels like an economical witch hunt. “Corona warriors”, as the media and the government  have chosen to dramatise the work of healthcare professionals remains just that; a political gimmick with no practical implications. The government is suppressing doctors’ dissent using lockdown as a shield. Moreover,  interns and postgraduates in many private colleges are  actively involved in the screening and suspect management of COVID19 cases when most of them have been working with zero pay. This is a form of modern slavery that’s been in process for years, right in front of our eyes but we choose to be blind! These injustices need to stop. We request the Government of Karnataka and the concerned authorities to 1. Immediately roll back the fee hike 2. Increase postgraduate seats by improving infrastructure in medical and dental colleges 3. Make stipend mandatory for interns and postgraduates in all private medical and dental colleges across Karnataka. The Government of Karnataka has diligently hiked UG and PG fees many times over the years while stipend for interns and PGs has remained the same. We demand that the government gain some perspective in these issues and live up to its name of being “the best Indian state for medical education”.