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Stop the Palm Oil Indsutry from Violating Human Rights in Indonesia

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Palm Oil is one of the most abundantly used products in the food and cosmetic industry. It is known for its signature taste that attracts customers back to products using palm oil. Since there aren't many other alternatives for palm oil that have the same captivating, the palm oil industry has a sort of monopoly on this industry.

Sadly, the palm oil industry is only able to harvest all of this palm oil by harming Indonesian Forests, as well as at the expense of the violations of the human rights of Indonesian citizens. Does marginally better tasting food still worth it when it's at the expense of the rights of Indonesian Citizens and the deforestation of Indonesia? 

Since palm oil is so abundantly used around the world and thus has such a large percentage of people creating the issue, Indonesians and their community are being affected on a large scale. A significant issue the people are facing are the opportunities for employment. This is because there are not enough other jobs that can be created due to the palm oil industry. Destruction of the rainforest land that the local people depend on, is making it so communities are continuously finding themselves with no choice but to become plantation workers. This lack of employment is a major detriment to the country as there is not enough diversity. Furthermore in a sense, since there is no other option for employment, this can be considered to be a violation to the 4th UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) which means that the palm oil industry is basically using Indonesians as slaves.

The palm oil industry is also attributable to child labour as there are hundreds of children that have to go through carrying palm trees and fruits over strenuously long distance to receive nearly no pay at all ("Indonesia's Palm Oil Industry Rife With Human-Rights Abuses"). This has impacted the community in Indonesia because having to work prevents the children from receiving an education. In conclusion, the palm industry is not only affecting the citizens of Indonesia in the present but will also affect them in the future generations to come.


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