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Petitioning Ministry of Home Affairs Government of Indonesia and 4 others

Stop the killings and harassment of Indonesian Shia minority Muslims.

Indonesia has a tolerant history of all religions that practice their faiths freely. The Wahaabi have made it their business to demean and persecute all other creeds and freely oppresses the Shia minority in East Java. The East Java authorities lack the political will to confront and restrain these Wahaabis. If this were to continue, all religion freedoms in the country will be at risk. Furthermore, the Shia communities of Indonesia are her citizens, guaranteed protection of freedom of worship by her constitution.

Letter to
Ministry of Home Affairs Government of Indonesia
President of Indonesia
Indonesian Ambassador to United States Mr. Ambassidor
and 2 others
Indonesian representative to UN Mr. Representative
Mr. Ambassidor
This petition is regarding the displaced Shia community in Sampang, E. Java. We call on your country to:

- To ensure the displaced Shi’a community has immediate access to essential services such as food and clean drinking water in their shelter;

- To guarantee the safe, voluntary and dignified return of the Shi’a community to their homes, according to their wishes, and to provide assistance so as to enable them to rebuild the homes that were damaged or destroyed;

- To investigate reports that the local government authorities in Sampang District have been involved in the intimidation of Shi’a followers to renounce their faith;

- To ensure all those involved in the attack against the Shi’a community are speedily brought to justice in proceedings which meet international standards of fairness and without the imposition of the death penalty and that victims are provided reparations.

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