End Ban of Jallikattu before Pongal 2017! Urge President Mukherjee to issue Ordinance

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Jallikattu is a sport that has been taking place in Tamil Nadu for thousands of years. In the recent years, there has been a huge insurgence of people from other organizations to ban this sport. This sport is not inhumane as they see it, as it is used in Tamil Nadu to selectively breed the strongest of the bulls. Without Jallikattu, there will be fewer amounts of bulls, as the farmers have less of an incentive to raise them, and the bulls are more likely to be sent to the slaughterhouses. The Supreme Court of India should take this into consideration and revoke the ban on Jallikattu. Only the strongest of the 'Kaalai Maadugal' can breed and give offspring. Statistically, 10 years ago, 900,000 bulls were in Tamil Nadu, but now, there are only 60,000 left. People kill bulls for food and that's not illegal, but helping breed bulls is illegal? #SAVEJALLIKATTU We urge the Supreme Court of India to take action in favor of Tamil Nadu Farmers, not foreign organizations. Please respect the feelings of millions of Indian lives greater than foreigner's corporations. Video showing support for our cause

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