Stop Reservation System in India

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                What is Reservation?

After independence of India, Government proposed a bill that reserves seats for minority communities (e.g SC/ST/OBC ). So, first it started in education on 1954 ,then they spread reservation from education to public sector jobs and in also many other fields in 1982. The bill stated that this reservation system will last only for 10 years but our politicians always renewed this as they thought if this system is not renewed they will lose the minority vote. 

   So, after 36 years of this reservations we still need to give them the same opportunities? If yes, then that proves that this reservation system is a failure and those minority groups are still in same condition as they were in 36 years ago.

    Yet I don't want reservation to be end. Reserve seats for physically challenged, Ex Army Men and For the poor ( not based on cast).

       I think we the youth of india should rise and speak against this dirty and corrupt system that uses casts as their shield to get votes and Good students who belongs to general category being deprived.

      So, my request to Government to end this reservation or we will rise and take what's ours.         - Jai Hind