Stop police brutality against protesters in India

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Protests and dissent is an integral part of democracy as it helps the people to hold government accountable when things go wrong. Apart from that, protests are both a Human Right and a constitutional right provided to the citizens in democratic countries such as India and elsewhere. 

But when students in India protested peacefully against the newly passed Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019, they received police brutality in response. The police forcefully entered the campus gates and assaulted the protesting students with the use of tear gas, baton charges and physical assault in order to silence them.

Furthermore, the unlawful denial of internet access in the state has blocked even the ground reports and stand in the way of protestor's ability to present their demands or report unlawful police actions. 


We request you to kindly support us in standing in solidarity with the students protesting in India and condemn the action by signing this petition which would help us pressurize the government internationally.