Stop mining Nallamala forest for Uranium

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Stretching over two states in southern India, Nallamala forest is one of the most thriving ecosystems in the world. The rocks are among the oldest on the planet. Stretching over 430 kilometres the hills run parallel to the Coromandel coast. Nallamala holds a variety of Flora and Fauna, some of the found nowhere in the world.

One of the longest rivers of India, Krishna, runs through this forest. These hills have been spiritually close to the millions of this region. The Srisailam temple, a jyotirlinga as well as a shakthipeetham, is associated with Nallamala. The legend of the deity dates back thousands of years, along with a mention in the holy scriptures of Hinduism.

Home to the largest tiger reserve in India, this forest is now under threat from Uranium mining. Government of India has allowed for Uranium mining which will result in the contamination of the water bodies along with river Krishna. These waters have been the lifeline for the people in the region which irrigates lakhs of hectares of land.

Mining would also result in the eviction of the tribals who made these hills their home from time unknown. This would deprive them of their right to live guaranteed under the constitution of India.