Stop Impromptu Internet Bans In Kashmir

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Frequent and impromptu Internet Bans have now become a normality in Kashmir especially South Kashmir which is the most affected area where Internet gets banned almost ever few weeks whenever there's an incident, In A country where the PM Encourages People to digitalise their day to day activities and modernize the Nation , While the rest of the states have developed tremendously in the last couple of decades, from 2G to 3G to 4G high speed internet, Kashmiris  are deprived of internet facilities. Frequent internet shutdowns has affected businessess, students, Start Ups which are dependent on uninterrupted online connectivity. Students who are preparing for competitive exams need internet for making sure that they remain updated with the day to day happenings and almost all of competitive exams now require online form submissions. Businesses have taken a huge toll on their sales, Young entrepreneurs and owners of Start Ups ,whose entire business runs online such as online clothes store, Or Online Food Delivery. Have seen huge drops in sales and they have come to a point where they feel hopeless and want to give up.

While businesses across the globe are moving towards digitised revolution, Kashmir is going backwards given the frequently enforced internet blockades, In a world filled with digital communication modules, enforcing a digital blackout doesn’t make sense. 

Internet is the most important mode of communication these days and deprivation of internet will only cause more and more instability to the Kashmiri society.

So we request the government of India to stop frequent internet bans in Kashmir!