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The Married daughters today have equal right in the parental property after the advent of amendment in Hindu Succession Act 1956, that came into force since 9th September, 2005. The Hindu Succession Act, 1956, originally did not give daughters equal rights to ancestral property.

This new amendment has caused a havoc in the relationship between a brother and his married sister who suddenly now claims to equal share in the estate of her deceased father who had already given her enough share in her marriage as dowry, gold ornaments, gifts, etc.

Such married daughters now misuse women laws and this new amendment to Hindu Succession Act, 2005 to claim equal/ half share in the estate of their deceased father, which has led to a situation called DOUBLE BENEFIT TO MARRIED DAUGHTERS.  

Such married daughters GAIN the properties of their respective husband and in-laws and also the half estate of her own deceased father as per the new amendment in Hindu laws, which leads to DOUBLE BENEFIT ONLY TO MARRIED DAUGHTER FROM BOTH SIDES

It is seen that these amendments to the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 were carried out in 2005 without thinking at all, about the impact on the life of the male heir of the deceased. 

The male heir, i.e. the brother loses his father, social and economic status and suddenly half of his fathers estate is now gone to his already well settled married sister who is now compelled to demand her half share in the estate of her deceased father only because the law says so and only because her own greedy husband now demands and forces her to take legal steps against her own beloved brother. 

Such a woman goes into perpetual depression even after gaining the half estate of her deceased father as she permanently loses the warmth of her own maternal home, where she will never be welcomed again for demanding her half share which is much against the well accepted traditions and norms of any Hindu family.   I urge the government and the Justice Department to stop this mass epidemic of family  estrangement which has led to multiple family disputes that are now pending in the various Courts, in which families lose and only woman gains. 

Kindly reenact the entire Hindu laws as per the set traditions and stop this amendment from being misused to destroy happy families. 

The son is also a Hindu and he loses his ancestral property to half due to such mindless laws and beautiful relation between a brother and sister is damaged for ever. 

Key Questions about the amendment to Hindu Succession Act, 2005..

Who and why decided to carryout these Amendments?? 

Was any Hindu scholar or expert consulted on this??? 

Was there any thought given on the impact of the life of the male legal heir due to this amendment?? 

Was any male member involved in drafting of this amendment??? 

Is there any study conducted, on the impact of the lives of members of Hindu families after operation of the amended Act, post 2005?

Can any law enacted or any amendments be made by the Government with NCW, with a view to destroy family relationships in India??

Married and we'll established daughters, who as per tradition used to voluntarily give up their rights in favour of the brother who has lost his earning father are now suddenly becoming vicious predators of the peace of mind of their own brothers after this amendment to Hindu Succession Act, in 2005. 

Unmarried daughter naturally have their undivided right and as per tradition, earning brother has to care for his unmarried sister after the demise of their father or both parents. Even Married sisters are looked after in all aspects by Brothers if his sister becomes a Widow, or is a Divorcee and has no assets of her deceased or divorced husband.

Today almost every urban married woman is working and earning too. Such married women generally do not contribute to the financially weak brother in any manner as this is not acceptable by the society and the brother has to fend for himself.  

All Hindu personal laws can be made only as per the set tradition and norms of age old customs which have been followed to protect sanctity of relationship between family members. 

Can any law enacted be anti family,? is the question.

Also in India even today, many Hindu fathers do not feel the need to make their last Will and testament on the firm belief that their married daughters will not claim suddenly after their demise from their son, who is left with no choice but to give half share as per law.

Point is... In this process the relationship between such a married sister and brother ends on a very bad note. They stop talking with each other for life due to the evil design of a mindless and biased law. There is no respect left after such brother suddenly has to sell his ancestral home which provided shelter to sisters in times of distress for several generations. He is forced by law to sell and alienate his house of ancestors as his well established married sister now has law in her side to demand a partition.

Therefore this petition to call for abolition of the unmindful Amendment to the Hindu Succession Act, 2005 which has now caused big rift in the Hindu Families of India.

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