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A big rally was orgainised by Gau Kranti Manch ( ) on 28Feb2016 in Ram Lila Maidan, New Delhi, India under the leadership of HH Gopal Mani Maharaj for the protection of Cows (Indian Cows, Zebu Cows). More than 3 lakh people from all the parts of India participated in same. Sh Shyam Jaju ( National Vice President, BJP ), Mrs Hema Malini ( Member of Parliament and renowned Actress ), Sh Kirti Azad ( Member of Parliament ), and some of the renowned personalities and religious leaders came and supported the cause.  After the rally on 28Feb2016 ,all headed to Jantar Mantar, New Delhi and since then Gopal Mani Maharaj is on hunger strike for the protection of cows. In the hunger strike also various eminent personalities from all the fields have supported our demands from government. Following are the request made by HH Gopal Mani Maharaj and Gau Kranti Manch with Government of India -

 1.Gaumata ( Indian Cows, Zebu Cows) should be given the honor of Rashtramata ( Mother of Nation ).

·         Cow Ministery should be formed separately.

2.Cow dung should be used as manure .

·         Gobar gas plant should be installed.

·         Gobar Gas should be used for cooking and after converting gobar gas to CNG we should start using it for running vehicles.

·         Government should start buying cowdung from farmers so that farmers could get good income and job. Which would also stop migrations of Farmers from Villages to Cities.

3. Children uptill the age of 10 years should get free milk of Indian Cows ( Zebu Cows ) in their schools.

·         Foreign breeds of Cows ( Jersey etc ) should be banned and Indian cows should be provided to Farmers by the government .

·         Artificial insemination of cows should be stopped and Indian Bull should be made available in every village.

4.Gocharan Bhumi ( Land allotted for cow graze ) should be made available for cows.

5.Cow killers should be given severest punishment.



“The beef industry has contributed to more American deaths than all the wars of this century, all natural disasters, and all automobile accidents combined. If beef is your idea of "real food for real people" you'd better live real close to a real good hospital.” -- By Famous American Dr Neal D. Barnard , M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington, D.C.

"When we kill the animals to eat them, they end up killing us because their flesh, which contains cholesterol and saturated fat, was never intended for human beings."
     -- William C. Roberts, M.D., editor of The American Journal of Cardiology

• Cow is the source of progress and prosperity. In many ways it is superior
to one’s mother. – Mahatma Gandhi
• Killing a bull is equivalent to killing a cow. – Jesus Christ
• Cow’s milk is tonic, its ghee is ambrosia and its meat is disease.
Hazarat Mohamed
• Cow protection is the eternal dharma of India
Dr. Rajendra Prasad, 1st President of India
• One cow in its life time can feed 4,10,440 people once a day while its
meat is sufficient only for 80 people.
Swami Dayanand Saraswati
• Till cows are slaughtered, no religious or social function can bring its
Devarah Baba, The Ageless Yogi
• The first section of Indian Constitution should be on prohibition for Cow
Pt Madan Mohan Malviya

*Quotes of Great Personalities*
• The pressure of Muslims for cow slaughter is the limit of foolishness. I
have studied both Koran and Bible. According to both of them, to kill a cow
even indirectly is a great sin.
– Acharya Vinoba Bhave
• Since the cruel killing of cows and other animal have commenced, I have
anxiety for the future generation.
– Lala Lajpat Rai
• Kill me but spare the cow. – Lokmanya Tilak
• According to me under the present circumstances, there is nothing more
scientific and intelligent act than banning cow slaughter.
Jai Prakash Narayan
• Cow is the God even of God. – Shri Haridas Shastri
• We want to live in the world while being called as Hindus then we have to
protect cows with all our might.
– Shri Prabhudata Brahmachari
• The offensive act of British Rule towards cows will go down in the
history as an abominable deed. – Lord Lonlithgo
• Cow is the foundation of our economy.
Giani Zail Singh – Former President
• Neither Koran nor the Arabian Customs permit killing cow.
Hakim Ajamal Khan

*Quotes of Scientists*
• Cow milk is father of overall health and complete diet
Dr.Fredrick Halfman
• Cow milk is beneficial even on heart diseases and cancer.
Dr.Elawheeler phillocks
• Yoghurt is the main ingredient which makes the body disease free.
• With regular use of milk lacs of people restored their health and
thousands saved their life. – Dr.Bernard Macfaden
• Its misfortune of human beings that having milk and fruits he can be
disease free, inspite of these great diets he is going for medicines. –
Endolf just
• Cow milk contains some special kind of bacteria which helps in cleaning
and maintaining the intestines thru which the major part of life force is
used to enrich and develop the cells. The energy left from fighting with
diseases is the main reason for its brightness and long life. – Dr.


Dr Bajaj ( Einstein Pain Waves Theory ) from Delhi University has proved that when a cow is slaughtered then Einstein Pain Waves emits from cow body which are the major reason of Earth Quakes and hole in Ozone layer.


Mahatma Gandhi on Cow Protection --
Place Of The Cow
THE COW is a poem of pity. One reads pity in the gentle animal. She is the mother to millions of Indian mankind. Protection of the cow means protection of the whole dumb creation of God. The ancient seer, whoever he was, began with the cow. The appeal of the lower order of creation is all the more forcible because it is speechless. (Young India, 6-10-1921, p. 36)

…The cow is the purest type of sub-human life. She pleads before us on behalf of the whole of the sub-human species for justice to it at the hands of man, the first among all that lives. She seems to speak to us through her eyes: 'you are not appointed over us to kill us and eat our flesh or otherwise ill-treat us, but to be our friend and guardian'. (Young India, 26-6-1924, p. 214)

I worship it and I shall defend its worship against the whole world. (Young India, 1-1-1925, p. 8)

Mother cow is in many ways better than the mother who gave us birth. Our mother gives us milk for a couple of years and then expects us to serve her when we grow up. Mother cow expects from us nothing but grass and grain. Our mother often falls ill and expects service from us. Mother cow rarely falls ill. Here is an unbroken record of service which does not end with her death. Our mother, when she dies, means expenses of burial or cremation. Mother cow is as useful dead as when she is alive. We can make use of every part of her body-her flesh, her bones, her intestines, her horns and her skin. Well, I say this not to disparage the mother who gives us birth, but in order to show you the substantial reasons for my worshipping the cow. (Harijan, 15-9-1940, p. 281)
The Cow In Hinduism
The central fact of Hinduism is cow protection. Cow protection to me is one of the most wonderful phenomena in human evolution. It takes the human being beyond this species. The cow to me means the entire sub-human world. Man through the cow is enjoined to realize his identity with all that lives. Why the cow was selected for apotheosis is obvious to me. The cow was in India the best companion. She was the giver of plenty. Not only did she give milk, but she also made agriculture possible….....

Cow protection is the gift of Hinduism to the world. And Hinduism will live so ling as there are Hindus to protect the cow…… Hindus will be judged not by their TILAKS, not by the correct chanting of MANTRAS, not by their pilgrimages, not by their most punctilious observances of caste rules, but by their ability to protect the cow. (Young India, 6-10-1921, p. 36)
I would not kill a human being for protecting a cow, as I will not kill a cow for saving a human life, be it ever so precious. (Young India, 18-5-1921, p. 156)

My religion teaches me that I should by personal conduct instill into the minds of those who might hold different views, the conviction that cow-killing is a sin and that, therefore, it ought to be abandoned. 
(Young India, 29-1-1925, p. 38)

Cow slaughter can never be stopped by law. Knowledge, education, and the spirit of kindliness towards her alone can put and end to it. It will not be possible to save those animals that are a burden on the land or, perhaps, even man if he is a burden. (Harijan, 15-9-1946, p. 310)

My ambition is no less than to see the principle of cow protection established throughout the world. But that requires that I should set my own house thoroughly in order first. (Young India, 29-1-1925, p. 38)

Cow protection to me is not mere protection of the cow. It means protection of that lives and is helpless and weak in the world. (Young India, 7-5-1925, p. 160)

But lit me reiterate….that legislative prohibition is the smallest part of any programme of cow protection. …People seem to think that, when a law is passed against any evil, it will die without any further effort. There never was a grosser self-deception. Legislation is intended and is effective against an ignorant or a small, evil-minded minority; but no legislation which is opposed by an intelligent and organized public opinion, or under cover of religion by a fanatical minority, can ever succeed. The more I study the question of cow protection, the stronger the conviction grows upon me that protection of the cow and her progeny can be attained only if there is continuous and sustained constructive effort along the lines suggested by me. (Young India, 7-7-1927, p. 219)
Preservation of cattle is a vital part of GOSEVA. It is a vital question for India . . . There is urgent need for deep study and the spirit of sacrifice. To amass money and dole out charity does not connote real business capacity. To know how to preserve cattle, to impart this knowledge to the millions, to live up to the ideal oneself, and to spend money on this endeavor is real business. (Harijan, 17-2-1946, p.11)

In so far as the pure economic necessity of cow protection is concerned, it can be easily secured if the question was considered on that ground alone. In that event all the dry cattle, the cows who give less mild than their keep, and the aged and unfit cattle would be slaughtered without a second thought. This soulless economy has no place in India, although the inhabitants of this land of paradoxes may be, indeed are, guilty of many soulless acts.
Positive Measures
Then, how can the cow be save without having to kill her off when she ceases to give the economic quantity of milk or when one becomes otherwise an uneconomic burden? The answer to the question can be summed up as follows:

1. By the Hindus performing their duty towards the cow and her progeny. If they did so, our cattle would be the pride of India and the world. The contrary is the case today.

2. By learning the science of cattle-breeding. Today there is perfect anarchy in this work.

3. By replacing the present cruel method of castration by the humane method practiced in the West.

4. By thorough reform of the pinjrapoles [institutions for aged cows] of India which are today, as a rule, managed ignorantly and without any plan by men who do not know their work.

5. When these primary things are done, it will be found that the Muslims will, of their own accord, recognize the necessity, if only for the sake of their Hindus brethren, of not slaughtering cattle for beef or otherwise.

The reader will observe that behind the foregoing requirements lies one thing and that is ahimsa, otherwise known as universal compassion. If that supreme thing is realized, everything else becomes easy. Where there is ahimsa, there is infinite patience, inner calm, discrimination, self-sacrifice and true knowledge. (Harijan, 31-8-1947, p. 300)

( Article- 'Mahatma Gandhi on Cow' Ends)



Traditionally basic fiber of the Indian Economy has been woven around the cow, carrying on farming and transport with bullocks and obtaining nourishing food from cow.

"Why the cow was selected for apotheosis is obvious to me. The cow was, in India, the best companion. Not only did she give milk, but she also made agriculture possible. products coming from a living cow are thus considered pure and purifying for those who use them. - Mahatma Gandhi

In 1940’s it was calculated that through its milk, bullocks, manure, hide and bone, the contribution of the cow to the wealth of India was over Rs. 1,000/- crores annually, an amount which no other industry in India except agriculture could equal. Gandhiji therefore established Go Seva Sangh (association for looking after the cow ) to devote its attention on a countrywide scale to the improvement of the condition of cattle in India. Was Gandhiji wrong then to draw our attention to this most important national industry, and to show us the way to make it yield better results ?

Indian rural life heavily depends on cattle for both happiness and economy.

Importance of Cow in Agriculture-

While ploughing, the oxen stride with gentle gait, not harming the surface of the earth, unlike tractors.
Even as they plough the land, the oxen defecate and urinate, fertilizing the land.
Cattle Manure : organic manure, green leaf manure, earth-worms, and slurry manure with cattle manure bond with the nature and make the land fertile. They do not create the challenge of chemical waste.
99% of the insects in nature are beneficial to the system. Insecticides prepared from cow urine or well fermented butter milk do not affect these helpful insects.
Dung from one cow is adequate to fertilize 5 acres of land and its urine can protect 10 acres of crop from insects.
20-25 kgs of bio-fertilizer can be produced from one kg of cow dung by mixing it with biomass.
The application of Urine resulted in a marked increase of grass growth and this did not effect soil quality.

Fertilizer and Farmers

•1987 - The secular cow economy – Mr.  V M Vasu
  Our 400 mln. acres under agriculture will need (every season) 40 mln. tons of fertilizer. To produce these 40 mln. tons of fertilizers annually, how many billions of rupees will be needed? One fertilizer factory established in 1946 with a capital of Rs. 7 crores is manufacturing about 2,75.000 tons of fertilizers annually. On this basis, capital requirements to meet our 40 mln. tons needs may be estimated. Further, the use of these fertilizer costs Rs. 90 per acre while the food grain produce attained is only 15 mds. meaning an additional expense of Rs. 6.00 per md. of food grain. And by these fertilizers the agriculture is extra-burdened by As. 36,000 min. Can the farmer bear the burden?


•Irrigation by huge dams is a folly. Wells are the only answer. But are we to fit
      pumps to these wells? If use pumps, we would need 100 mln. engines and 20 min. engine rooms. These engine rooms would eat away fully our entire years cement production as also iron sheets and steel in huge tonnage. And we are miserably short of all these commodities. Moreover all these costs would be on farm produce. Now if we propose to use bullock-drawn Kosh (leather water lifters) for water drawing, no extra costs are added. The bullock will plough and irrigate the land, carry loads and give manure. Mechanized farming involving tractors, motors and pumps, fertilizers and trucks for transport would add very heavily to the costs so that the farmer will never be able to sell his products below the present prices and people can \never hope for a relieved and easy life.

Source: 1987 - The secular cow economy – Mr.  V M Vasu

Importance of bullocks in transport

•1987 - The secular cow economy – Mr.  V M Vasu
  Agriculture and industrial production aggregates to more than 1,000 mln. tons. This 1,000 mln. tons of commodities have to be transported from fields to factories and from factories to the consuming centres which are spread over this vast areas, and the major bulk of this transport is carried by the bullock. For transport we have 1.21 min. bullock-carts, 3,58,000 railway wagons and 2,20,000 motor trucks. Obviously, if these 12.1 mln. bullock-carts were to be removed from the operation, our transport and distribution system, and as a result both agriculture and industries and the resultant national life, would be in a chaos, for the reason that the railway carries only 180 mln. tons and trucks only 120 min. tons. whereas the balance 70 per cent, or 700 mln. tons, is carried by the age old bullock-carts

Nourishment - Quantitatives

Panchagavya : five cow products viz. milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung.
pure ghee is socialism, while, vegetable ghee is capitalism
Per person milk consumption Vs requirement statistics.
Statistics of milk, and milk products production.
Ghee Vs vegetable oil economics.
Statistics or analysis of oil produced locally through oil-Ghani’s and consumed locally.
Health index of milk and milk product consumption Vs physical well being.
Cow has been treated as auspicious and also a symbol of compassion and piousness.

Cow dung pesticide

Report on Kamadhenu bio-pesticide (Study done by Dr.T.P. Rajendran, CICR).

§There was significant reduction in the pink bollworm incidence in plots treated with Kamdhenu bio-pesticide.
§Strong reduction of egg laying of American bollworm moths.

Study of plant growth promoting effect of bio-pesticide (work done by Dr.C.S.Nautiyal et al, NBRI, Lucknow)

•Study showed significant increase in the shoot length, root length and plant biomass, which is an indication of the excellent plant growth promoting effect of bio-pesticide treatment on the growth of maize.

Why our social and economic life is disorganized?

•1987 - The secular cow economy – Mr.  V M Vasu
  Per capita milk consumption in America is 5 lbs. while in Britain it is 2½ lbs. The British Medical Council has prescribed minimum two and a half pounds of milk per man for him to keep physically fit. Provision of two and a half pounds of milk per capital four our people, would need 1250 m.lbs. of milk per day. To obtain this quantity of milk we would need 62.5m. milk cows and an equal number for dry period replacements averaging 20 lbs per cow. However against our need of 125 m. cows we have today 54 m. cows and 49 m. heifers. Most of the 54 m. cows give less than 3 lbs. milk a day and possibly less in the case of about 80% of the cows. Because of this reason along their slaughter is unwarranted; and if they are slaughtered the entire social and economic life of the country would be disorganized and in a mess.

 If these 40 m. cows are slaughtered, then crores of Rupees worth milk powder and condensed milk shall have to be imported annually for our children, pregnant women and the sick only. Higher prices may be demanded in our such dire need and moreover we shall yearly lose 65 m. tons of cow dung.  A life of 15 years for such cows would result in a loss of 972 m. tons of cow dung amounting to loss of fuel to the villager, manure and 12,000 m. lbs. of milk.”


•Cow Provides Emotional stability
•Panchgavya is said to be a cure for all diseases.
•Mid wives in Indian villages had been using cow dung fomentation to pregnant women, small babies and women who had just delivered babies.
•Cow urine and dung was always pure, toxin destroyer, germicide, balances bile, mucous and air (kapha, vata, pitta),
•Cow milk has amino acids which makes its protein easily digestible and is good for kidney
•rich source of Vitamins like B2, B3 and A which help increasing immunity
•help in reducing acidity, chances of peptic ulcer, breast and skin cancer, formation of serum cholesterol, check obesity
•Control diabetes but has good sugar for diabetic patients
•one of the best natural anti-oxidants.
•Cow urine contains many minerals especially Copper, gold salts, etc. It compensates for bodily mineral deficiency.
•Cow urine is called medhya and hradya, which means it, gives strength to brain and heart.
•protects heart and brain from damages caused by mental tension and protects these organs from disorders and diseases.

A.Subramaniam, MD – CDCMPU. Pachapalayan, Coimbatore

Patents of Cow Urine

United States Patent 6410059, Khanuja, et al., June 25, 2002

• Pharmaceutical composition containing cow urine distillate and an antibiotic (Kamdhenu Ark)
US Patent No. : 6896907

•Use of bioactive fraction from cow urine distillate (Gomutra)  as a bioenhancer of anti-infective  anticancer agent and nutrients 
•A pharmaceutical composition comprising an antibiotic and cow urine distillate in an amount effective to enhance antimicrobial effect of the antibiotic is disclosed. The antibiotic can be an antifungal agent. The antibiotic can be a quinolone or a fluoroquinolone. The antifungal agents are azoles, clotrimazole, mystatin or amphotericin



Thoughtless use of wood and coal as fuel has result in depletion of jungles,; producing water shortage.
it is unlikely that tractors, petrochemicals and even nuclear power will ever replace the simple bull and cow
Fuel through bio-gas from cow dung
Cow Dung cake burned to provide heat for cooking. And Cow-dung cake ash becomes a very good fertilizer, also used for food storage for long duration.
Indian cattle excrete 700 million tons of manure annually, half of which is used as fertilizer to maintain the soil. The rest is burned to provide heat for cooking. It was estimated that cattle dung provides Indian housewives with the thermal equivalent of "27 million tons of kerosene, 35 million tons of coal, or 68 million tons of wood."
Statistics for non-renewable sources saved by using cow dung as fuel source.
Energy saved in transportation by bullocks.
Generation of bio-gas from cow dung and urine is a very simple cost-effective way of producing energy for lighting as well as cooking

Electricity from cow dung

 Cow dung saves 35 million tonnes of coal, 68 million tonnes of fuel wood. In other words nearly 140 million trees of 20 –25 years old would be required to be felled each year otherwise.
Now bio-gas is being successfully filled in cylinders like C.N.G. and vehicles / train is running with bio-gas as fuel.

• 10,000 cows to produce enough manure to power a small computer center for a bank- Study by Hewlett-Packard - Design of Farm Waste-Driven Supply Side Infrastructure for Data Centers


Environmental Protection

Suryaketu: Nerve on cow’s back absorbs harmful radiations and cleanses atmosphere
India (30 crore cattle) can produce bio gas, that can save 6.0 crore ton of firewood every year. This would arrest deforestation to that extent.
Cow dung has antiseptic, anti radioactive and anti thermal properties. When we coat the walls and clean the floors of house with cow dung, it protects the dwellers.
In 1984, gas leak in Bhopal killed more than 20,000 people. Those living in houses with cow dung coated walls were not affected. Atomic power centres in India and Russia even today use cow dung to shield radiation.
When we offer ghee in fire as part of ritualistic sacrifices, it strengthens the ozone layer and shields the earth from harmful radiations from Sun.

Benefit and usage of cow dung

By keeping one old cow or bull alive we can protect 6 large trees per annum from felling.
Dung available from one fully grown cow/ bull is around 5.4 tonnes per annum. so dry dung will be around 5.4. x 0.30 = 1620 kg per annum.
This is equivalent to 712 kg of dry wood.
This amount of wood comes from 6 large trees
In Vedic culture there are 16 samskaras. These samskaras are ment to put a person in right state of consciousness or mind.
In performing all the samskaras actually cow dung is required.
5000 – 6000 cakes can be made from one cow’s dung in a year
Cow dung cakes when burned are very good eco friendly, health friendly and mosquito repellent.
Tooth powder can be made from cow dung

Benefits of Homa Therapy ( Fire Sacrifice done with Indian Cow's dung and Indian Cow's Ghee )

Kushwaha Family and Prajapati Family got protected from harmful radiations in Bhopal Gas Tragedy as they had layered their houses with Cow dung and they used to do Homa/ Havan/ Fire sacrifice with Cow dung and Desi Cow Ghee as researched by scientists.

HOMA is the technical term from the Vedic science of bio-energy denoting the process of removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire.
When Homa is performed, an atmosphere is created that is conducive for growing any crop
An aura energy field is created around plants during Agnihotra
Prana i.e. life energy emanates from Agnihotra which pulsates through us and connects with cosmos
Tremendous amounts of energy are gathered around the pyramid at Agnihotra time
A magnetic type field is created, one which naturalizes negative energies and reinforces positive energies
Thus plants become stronger and disease resistance

All Nature comes back to Harmony

   Improves the immune system of all plants 

More Profit:

§  Increased quantity and quality in production
§  Reduced cost of labor
§  Saving costs of agrochemicals
§  The produce is superior in:
ü    taste   
ü   size 
ü    texture  
ü   nutrition
§  Prolongs the shelf life and makes produce more suitable  for export
§  Increased number of harvests during the year, i.e. productive cycle is shortened

Health: Cow Urine

Pungent, bitter, astringent, sweet and salty. It has five tastes (rasas).
Pure, toxin destroyer, germicide, balances bile, mucous and air (kapha, vata, pitta),
It is divine drink of yogis providing divine powers.
Ganga always resides in cow urine. It is destroyer of all sins (diseases)
enhances brain power
Controls evil spirits,
Destroyer of all diseases
It cures all bodily and mental illnesses.
It is in the mode of goodness. It brings goodness in thoughts.
By drinking it regularly for six months, man’s nature comes in the mode of goodness.
Source: Dr. Amita Gupta, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandary, Mathura : Paper presented for MVSc in 2003.


Antigen toxic| Ameliorative effect of Ark ( Cow Urine) in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

üThe Ark and Redistilled ark is found to possess total antioxidant status of around 2.6mmol contributed mainly by volatile fatty acids (1500mg|litre). These fatty acids and other antioxidants might be responsible for the observed ameliorative effect. The chromosomal aberration caused by chemicals could be ameliorated by redistilled Ark (1,50,100ul) Antioxidant status in distillates-0.8mmol.Redistillate-2.6mmol.(ammonicalnitrogen- 15mg|litre).

Source : National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur.

Effect of Cow Urine on Wounds

Cow Urine is having antiseptic properties. The urine implicated Wounds were found less infected and healing time is also less when compared to antiseptic cream. Administration of fresh urine orally has added effect on wound healing due to immunological properties.


Source: A.K. Maheshwari, A.K.Gupta, AK Das, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar. 263145.

Cow urine

•It has innumerable therapeutic values
•Cow urine-8.90m’Aura Energy -by consuming it even cancer can be cured
•It contains sulphur, nitrogen, phosphorus,
        iron, sodium, potassium, copper,

        manganese , carbolic acid and 24 types of salts

•It contains 95 % water, 2.5% urea, 2.5% minerals, hormones ,enzymes, amino acids, cytokines etc
•Cow urine is Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiviral, still non toxic
•It has medicinal and disinfectant properties.
•It serves as an effective insecticide and  helps in keeping the plant evergreen
•Cows Urine as an Antimicrobial Agent
•Gram Negative, Gram Positive bacteria, Fungi were significantly inhibited by concentrated cows urine

Health: Benefits of Cow Urine

Cow urine corrects functioning of liver. So, liver makes healthy pure blood. It gives disease resistance power to the body.
It has all elements, which compensate for deficiency of nutrients in our body. Thus stops ageing process. So it is called an elixir and also life giving.
Cow urine contains many minerals especially Copper, gold salts, etc. It compensates for bodily mineral deficiency.
Cow urine is called medhya and hradya, which means it, gives strength to brain and heart.
protects heart and brain from damages caused by mental tension and protects these organs from disorders and diseases.

Cow urine destroys the poisonous effects of medicine residues and makes body disease free.
Cow urine provides mode of goodness. Thus helps us to perform correct activities by mind.
Ganga resides in cow urine.  Ganga is destroyer of sins, thus cow urine destroys such previous sins and so diseases are cured.
By regularly taking cow urine before sickness, we get so much immunity that any attack of diseases is repulsed.
"Sarve rogaah hi mandagnau" All diseases begin with mandagni (Low fire i.e. digestive capacity). If fire is strong, diseases won't occur. Cow urine keeps the fire strong.

Importance of “Go Mutra” (Cow Ark)

-Cow Ark provides mode of goodness.
-Cow urine has amazing germicidal power to kill varieties of germs.
-Cow urine balances the disease creating tri-dosas.
-Cow urine corrects functioning of liver.
- Offers disease resistance power to the body and stops ageing process.
- It compensates for bodily mineral deficiency.
- Cow urine gives strength to brain and heart.
-Cow urine destroys the poisonous effects of residues and makes body disease free.
-Ganga resides in cow urine, thus cow urine destroys previous sins.
-The diseases caused by entrance of ghosts in body are cured by intake of cow urine.
        Source:    Chandrashekhar Kundle, Bharat chauragade, Ajith Rawal, Nagpur:  Paper presented in World Ayurveda Congress-2002. :   Physical and Chemical composition of Urine and Arka and its effects on human beings is detailed.

Prevention of Pathogenic Free Radicals through Cow Urine.

Source: A.K. Singh, P.K. Singh, L.K. Singhal, D.K.Agarwal, College of  Veterinary and Animal Science, Pantnagar, IVRI Izatnagar Free radicals are molecules, which have lost electron. These free radicals attack the nearest stable molecule and steal the electron. This is a chain reaction of destruction. They can attack enzymes, fat, proteins, etc and causes DNA to mutate. The Oxygen Free radicals (Reactive oxygen species) are produced due  to – Phagocytes, Mitochondria function, Inflammation, Heavy Exercise,Cigarettes,Smoking,Pollution, adiation, Chemicals, Drugs, Altered Ozone level, Moulds, Burned Meat. They cause mutation of cells. This in turn may predispose for – Parkinson’s Disease, Alzhimor’s Disease, Cancer, Sclerosis, Stroke, Stress, Fibrosis, Cataract, Macular Degeneration, Aging Cows’ urine prevents the free radicals formation.

Anti Cancer properties of cow Urine

Source: K Darma, R.S. Chauhan L. Singhal, IVRI, Izatnagar

The cow Urine Therapy is suggested to poses potent Anti Cancer abilities. The following properties are in listed as responsible for Anti Cancer Results. DNA repairing potential : Cow urine efficiently repairs the damaged DNA. Damage of DNA by chemicals is the major cause for Cancer. This property reduces the spread of malignant cancers and helps fighting tumor. Apoptosis inhibition : Lymphocytes under go suicidal tendency due to chemicals. Lymphocytes are major cells, which fights against cancer cells. Cow urine reduces an apoptosis of Lymphocytes.
Antioxidant Property : The volatile  fatty acids show antioxidant properties which controls damage in DNA. Antimicrobial Activity : Many viruses are causing cancer. These microbes are killed by cow urine. Bioenhancing Property : Bioenhancing are substances which promote and augment the bioactivity or bioavailabilty or uptake of drugs. This will reduce the dosage & duration of antibiotic therepy and anticancer drugs like Taxol.Taxol is used in MCF-7 (breast cancer cells). Anti free radicals : The free radicals cause cell damage thereby inducing tumour cell growth or causes aging. Cows’ urine prevents free radicals.


Cow Dung

cow dung-6m’-by wiping the ground  floor it protects from bacteria while the top floor it protects from atomic emissions.

ØWhen we burn cow dung, it balances atmospheric temperature and kills germs in the air.
ØThe dried cow dung contains menthol, indol, salammoniac, phenol and formalin.
ØCow dung has Antiseptic, Anti radioactive and Anti thermal properties.
ØIt is believed that the smell of fresh cow dung repels viruses & Bacteria.
ØAt CISH Lucknow, number of Microbes have been isolated from dung and its preparation.(Pathak et al;2005)
ØAn Actinomycete found in cow dung is effective of
     management of dieback , gummosis  and fruit rots.

 Cow Dung Ash

Water purifying, washing vessels, on wounds, as pesticide, grain preservation
cow dung is called gold mine or rather why the scriptures say that Laxmiji (goddess of fortune/wealth) resides in cow dung

Cow Milk

17% Protein
29% Calcium
23% Phsphorus
23% Riboflavin
25% Vitamin D
15% Vitamin B-12
Milk fat is the richest natural dietary source of conjugated linoic acid (CLA), which has been shown in animal and cell culture studies to have potent anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer) properties. The experiments have shown that dietary supplementation with CLA reduced the incidence of chemically induced tumors in the epidermis, stomach and mammary glands.



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