Proper Management and Cleanliness of our Religious Places

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Dear All,

Yesterday I felt very ashamed when my kid refused to enter a very famous temple because it was so dirty and smelly he said he cannot go to this place because it is very difficult for him to enter.There was leftover food, water and oil all over the place, that it was very hard to step in.

This kinda opened my eyes that how bad the situation of our sacred places are now. The situation is even worse for the places like Kashi vishvanath, Vrindavan, Rishikesh, Haridwar etc. These religious places are everything that we have and they make our culture rich. Every year people from all over the world they come to India in search of inner peace and solace. If we keep on ignoring the situation, we will end up losing our assets.

The need of the hour is that we should immediately take some action otherwise our next generation will stop visiting such places and would lose all the faith in our much boasted culture and heritage...As per my understanding, all the above mentioned places receive enough donations for proper management and to maintain a minimum required cleanliness.

By filing this petition I am taking a very small step towards a big change that I am sure we all are looking forward to. Help me get as many signatures as we could get. I will not be thankful to you because its just not my country...its our country and we are responsible for saving our cultural richness..

Dr. Pooja Sharma