Normal Birth Campaign in India

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Normal birth occurs naturally via the vagina in almost all mammals on earth, including humans. Nature has facilitated this process. Only about 15% of births become complicated and require assistance or interventions, and less than 10% actually require birth through surgery. Being human has changed these figures and placed human babies and mothers at higher risk. Births through surgery rose to 17.2 % in 2015-16 from 8.5% in 2005-06. Rates are higher the general population compared to the tribal (15.5% versus 9.4% in Gujarat). Rates in urban areas are almost double those in villages (28.3% in urban).

The common medical reasons for surgical births are large or premature babies, fetal distress, abnormal presentation, non-progress of labour, etc. Over the last two decades, human reasons such as impatience, convenience, anxiety and economics have become major factors in a higher number of surgical births. Midwives and doctors are aware of the increased risk of morbidity and mortality for mothers and babies when births occur through surgery. The dangers are sepsis, wound gaping, low back pain, numbness of extremities, in the mother and asphyxia and late breastfeeding in the baby. Added to this is the impediment to bonding and nurturing during this vulnerable period for the mother and baby, and the stress on the family.

Our vision is to have every healthy mother and baby going through normal birth in a safe, skilled and sensitive manner and make birth both memorable and pleasurable. Midwives aim to build an unbroken chain of care from home to facility and back home. This campaign reiterates the commitment of nurses, midwives, health workers, doctors and programme managers at all levels to healthy and normal birthing for all.

The campaign will run for five months from 10th December 2018 when it will be launched to 4th May 2019 and will converge in a national event on 5th May, International Day of the Midwife. SOMI and ANSWERS will work through more than 10,000 members, extensive network of midwives and activists across the Country. This will regulate irrational unnecessary caesarean sections and reduce risk to mother and baby. So please sign this petition to harmonize births around India by being a #NormalBirthAmbassadorIndia

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