Make Recycling of Plastic Mandatory (Pfand /CDL Implementation) in India.

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I am just igniting a spark in your brain on the following points,

1. Getting affected by cancer or similar diseases at the age of 40 is not so usual, but in India it is quite common nowadays - Do you know the health hazards of burning the plastics and other toxic wastes on the road?

2. Don't you think that the cattle should have the access to healthy food instead of garbage?

3. Do you know the number of years that the plastic takes to degrade? Who is responsible for cleaning the water bottles inside the sea and the rivers and in the beautiful western ghats and tourist places?  So the easiest way is to avoid

4. "Bharath Stage (BS IV) " Emission certification for Vehicles.. This is a good movement. But who cares for the garbage emission norms? which is equally polluting the environment.

Garbage burning contributes 20% to the total pollution of a city in India.

5. You should think in a way that being health is the right of every individual.

6. Now it is the time to support "Swatch Bharath Mission" to get rid of all the above issues for a better life.

7. With Pfand (Very well managed recycle management) implementation, we can ensure that the problem of garbage dumping goes down significantly. Please read the documentation for more details. 

8. With this system, no one is encouraged to throw the plastic in public places as every piece of plastic costs for the consumer. So one who does not throw money on the streets, will not be willing to throw garbage either. 

Pfand explained in a simple way

What is it?

Pfand is a deposit based customer driven recycling system. Implemented and working very well in Germany.

How it Works?

Lets take the example of a 1 ltr water bottle.

1. Customer pays Rs. 25 for the water bottle. out of which Rs. 5 will be refunded once the customer return into the shop/identified place.

2. Customer owns the responsibility to return the plastic bottle to the Pfand station (Which can be a dedicated place/retailer with the required system)

3. Customer gets the money back.

So, Every piece of plastic should be recycled or trashed in the safe way. Customer is made to play a role in it by keeping deposit as the motivation.

Role of Government

To impose the rule on every manufacturer of the plastic and related products to be compliant to Pfand mechanism.


1. Customer is more careful in segregating the garbage (Plastic and non plastic). Garbage to be collected at the doorsteps by municipal corporation will be mostly biodegradable/wet waste.

2. No/Reduced littering of plastic on the roads and public places.

3. No/Reduced burning of plastic in public places.

4. Even if there is a littering in spite of Pfand system in place, one who collects the plastic from the dust bins, will get better value (motivation).

So I urge you to support this idea to make India cleaner.

Please read through my documentation here for more information.

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