Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about methods to solve the increasing crime rate.

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For the past few months, I have been disturbed by this serious issue of increasing crime rate in India. And today, when I saw this video "I've Spent My Life At Police Stations..." - Mariyam Saigal | Spoken Fest 2019) by my fellow Indian sister Miss Mariyam Saigal, in which she strongly and boldly expressed her ugly experiences of her early childhood life. I was already recovering from a certain event of my life, today she made me cry and made me so angry that now I can't stop myself from doing something about this issue.

My first step is to ask for your help, and I hope that you will take adequate steps.
My next step will be, even I don't know !! But I will not sit ideal.

My heart bleeds like every other Indian and every human being when I read a newspaper and watch a news channel filled with evil, inhuman and heinous criminal activities like murder, rape, violence, theft, corruption and other offenses. 

In news, with each passing day, both the quantity and intensity of criminal activities seem to increase with time. Crimes not only affect the victim but it also affects everyone, emotionally and socially. 

A piece of criminal news induces anger, fear, and sadness in us, emotionally. And it gives rise to a sense of mistrust among the people in society. For example, a few months back, I read a piece of news where a neighbor used to molest an innocent little girl. After reading the news, I felt sad and angry and insecure and concerned. 

A few days later I observed a change in my behavior towards the kids in my neighborhood. For many days, I intentionally tried to ignore the kids, who were the same kids I used to play and have fun with.

I don't know, psychologically, the reason why I behaved that way but, I am sure that it was the result of that criminal news.
Whenever I used to see those kids eventually, the face of that girl smeared in blood and that heinous act of crime used to come to my mind. And I automatically used to become sad and insecure and try to ignore my little friends. And I couldn't even tell them why I was behaving that way. It took me a few months to get back to somewhat normal. But today miss Mariyam again made me sad, insecure and angry.

So, I have some suggestions for amendments in Indian Law, mainly in I.P.C. 
To do that I have written this LETTER to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If you too are a victim or if you too feel the way I feel about this ugly facet of Indian Society. And If you too have a woman in your life that is precious to you and you can put your life on the line to protect her. Then please do read this Letter and if agree then support my campaign against crime. 

This is the Google Doc Link for the letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Jai Hind!