Legal Freestyle Stunt Riding

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Hi this is Krishna an Extreme Sport Athlete, I do Freestyle Stunt Riding. Behalf of all stunt riders in India I am creating this petition to say that Stunt Riding is not a crime, it is just like an another sport.

Let me clear, It is not legal also not illegal. Doing stunt on `ON Road` is strictly illegal but doing it on off road with proper gear is not. Off roads are empty parking space, unfinished or abandoned road or any ground. In off road bike/car owner does not need tax paper too.

Now the problem is, most people do not know everything about law completely including me. So police do harass us, just because lake of knowledge, also we face misbehave and abuse.

If it is illegal then why in 26 January people get clap and appreciate by doing stunt and we mark as criminal? How TV & movie shoots get permission when it is not even illegal. Because it is not at all.

We are not asking for huge, we just want a place where we can do our practice peacefully, that’s all we want.