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Government of India: Investigate sand mining mafia and murder of Pale Ram Chauhan, revoke Durga Nagpal's transfer

The sand mafia is emboldened by political support throughout the country, as the suspension of IAS Durga Nagpal and murder of activist Pale Ram Chauhan demonstrates in UP. Awaaz Foundation's publication 'The Link between politicians sand mining in and around Mumbai'  has traced similar links in Maharashtra. Many attacks have been perpetrated by the sand mafia and activists and Government officers have been threatened at gunpoint, attacked and killed all over the country. An upright officer like Durga Shakti Nagpal who risks her life to uphold the law and cracks down against illegality should be rewarded, not be suspended The links between Pale Ram's murder, Durga Nagpal's transfer, sand mining and politicians should be investigated by the CBI.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Prime Minister of India
    Shri Manmohan Singh
  • Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh
    Mr. Jawed Usmani
  • Director General of Police, UP
    Mr. Deo Raj Singh Nagar
  • Union Home Minister of India
    Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde
  • Union Environment Minister,
    Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan
  • Cabinet Secretary of India
    Mr. Ajit Kumar Seth
  • Union Environment Secretary
    Mr. V. Rajagopalan

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