Indian Government should have to form a commitee on Kashmir to reforms some conditions

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Presence of security forces at jammu & kashmir is to maintain the peace and to stop the terrorist activities .But now a days scenario is totally changed now security forces has to handle both the kashmiris as well as militants. its a fortunate if your facing regular bomb attacks, karfue in your town is disappointing. every day if your listening news of firing it creates number of questing in kashmiri youth. today when kashmiri youth came out of the ghatti he looks towards rest of state he think why his state receiving this type of scenario? why he can not go to school regularly? as others do this create discontent in his mind.Everyone knows terrorist groups ,huriyat are taking advantage of this things and counter the armed forces. They are completing their motto through Kashmiri people.

I have friend of Kashmir his name is Tarik Rahman I was regularly call him and trying to aderstand the current scenario. On general question I was asked to him why youth are supporting the terrorist group although they know they are supporting to terrorist? He replied me “we are not supporting them but we are against this government in Kashmir they are doing nothing to stop this they are doing nothing to give us jobs as well as to make are khatti peacefully ”.May be he was right take an example if you are job less you don’t have any resources to complete your basic needs. As well as in a 3 moth only a week the school are open every one thing they disappoint since other state doesn’t receive this things. To live they have to support the terrorist group.

Government is totally in a state of confusion. Someone said “We should have to talk with pak, HOM of JK said we should have to airstrike on terrorist camps at POK. But doing this really make an impact?

Today we have to find out the answer of following question1. how to decrees the growing unemployment?

2. Kashmiri student who are studing out of Kashmir how to make them comfortable and safe ?

3. How to fill the gap between government and Kashmiri people?

4. How to make Kashmiri people against the terrorist?

I thought Delhi has to make a plan to establish the industries at JK so that people got jobs. They have to connect with a common man to ensure there difficulties. Not only paper work has to be done it should create some impact on ground state.