Government support for Daily Wagers during COVID-19 country-wide Lockdown

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While the whole world is facing the challenge of COVID-19 and we all understand that the only possible solution for now is to break the chain to stop spreading the infection through Social Distancing. 

With the Nation-Wide address of our honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Modi, India is now under now lockdown for a minimum of 21 days to fight the coronavirus. This clampdown is done for the right reasons and is fully supported by citizens of our country. We all know that if not controlled through social distancing, it would spread exponentially across the length and breadth of the country. We as a country are not geared up to manage such a calamity and as Mr. Modi told, it could destroy families & destruction will be catastrophic.

While we as a country are taking these actions in the interest of each & every citizen. However at the same time we need to think about poorest of the poor people of our country, especially Daily Wagers who survive and live hand to mouth. The Drivers, Maid Servants, Helps, Vegetable vendors, construction workers, Electricians, Fitters, Temporary Staff in factories, People running Pan shops, People doing odd Jobs and many more; significant percentage of our population falls under this category. Their livelihood will be taken away by this clampdown / lockdown and we aren’t sure how will they survive during this period. Where will they pay their medical bills from, how would they afford to pay for rent of their flimsy shanties, where would they get money to buy even basic stuff and food to feed their families.

Who would support them ? I haven’t seen any concrete plan either in any Govt. notifications nor heard anything on this in Prime Minister’s speech today night. I know our honourable Prime Minister announced an allocation of Rs. 15,000 Crore to fight COVID-19 but that is more to build healthcare system if it spreads further.

My petition is to the Government of India and respective State Governments to quickly make a concrete plans and allocate funds and distribution mechanism for underprivileged section of our society who will suffer the most during this period without any discrimination. I would specifically like to bring attention of our Honourable Prime Minister and his office (PMO) on this aspect of our decisions to fight battle against Corona Virus. We as citizens of this country who will survive through these times will never be able to forgive ourselves if we let large sections of our population die of hunger, lack of access to healthcare and other basic needs. Privileged or economically well off in our country will survive through this period by locking ourselves in our houses / apartments but their sufferings could be beyond imagination of the privileged of our country. These sections of our society must already be worried about their survival after hearing Prime Minister’s speech and decision to lockdown the whole country for 21 days, not from COVID but from the difficulties this period will bring for them and their families.

Request everyone to support this petition please to get attention of our Government and our Prime Minister.