Forgiving rents in the time of lockdown due to Coronavirus

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In these difficult times owing to the rapid spread of COVID-19, we have all chosen to remain safe indoors, for the safety of ourselves, family, friends, colleagues and our people in towns and cities in general. Other than essential services, all other shops, business enterprises and corporate offices are operating out of homes, via online channels.

This is an extremely challenging situation, and it becomes difficult for small business owners who cannot go to work to pay rents of commercial spaces. If there is no income, no money coming in, it is extremely hard to pay rents, especially in cities where rents are sky high. 

I am starting this petition to request all landowners to delay the rent collection for one month, giving businesses time to recover. The rent for one month can be paid back in two or three installments the following months to make it easier to small enterprise owners to recoup their losses. Otherwise commercial space tenants will lose their entire businesses!

I appeal to everyone who understand the situation and the sacrifice all of us are making to keep each other safe and help protect these very same people from losing their income in future.