Do you really wanna buy louis vuitton bag that has crocodile skin? Think again

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Today I saw i video on how Louis vuitton and prada keeps their raw material,which are crocodiles. The way they keep their crocodiles is not only inhumane and filthy but also the way they take their skin.

They are crammed in filthy enclosures, some so small that the crocodiles can barely fit.

To take their skin they first give them electric shock to stun them then they take them to the slaughter rooms.

The crocodiles are held down as their necks are cut open and metal rods are jammed down their spines .This happens when they are still alive and moving.This process is so cruel that i could barely see the footage.

They sometimes skin them alive. This is because crocodiles can survive with very less amount of oxygen. So they are often alive during the whole process of cruel torture. 

This is daily practice in Vietnam where this trade is famous.The famous brands like Louis Vuitton and Prada own big crocodile farms here. We must try to make this stop .

We can only do that by start using vegan products and boycotting any product that has animal products in it.

It is my humble request to the government to ban these products so that these brands start thinking about making nature friendly products without harming animals.