Change TRAI new DTH rules to benefit viewers not the Operators and Broadcasters #TRAI

Change TRAI new DTH rules to benefit viewers not the Operators and Broadcasters #TRAI

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Started by chinna J

TRAI brought new rules for DTH, Cable operators and TV viewers to opt new channels and tariffs to benefit the customers. In this tariff NCF charges for free channels plus extra for paid channels.

"The TRAI clarifies that the regulations provide for a capping (maximum limit) of Rs.130/- as the Network Capacity fee(NCF) + GST for 100 channels with slabs of additional 25 channels in capping @Rs. 20/-. The distributor can devise their own plans/tariff within these caps and the regulations do not prohibit offering of discounts."

NCF max cap limit is Rs.153 (130+GST), but TRAI does not mentioned compulsory minimum limit on NCF charges. DTH operators charging same NCF fee Rs.153 for all SD and HD packs and same rate for 20 FTA channels or 100 FTA channels. So all the operators are utilizing this chance and charging Rs.153 for all packs, earlier minimum FTA channel tariff i.e. base pack in Airtel DTH is Rs.99(inclusive GST). Now they are charging Rs.153 for the same. 

I am a customer of Airtel DTH. I am now in the plan of Rs.165 (inclusive GST) Rs.99 (ROI my plan) Rs.66 (Telugu top up). In this plan I am getting all FTA channels and Telugu paid channels. I am enclosing old channel list and rate with this petition.

As per TRAI new tariffs for choosing the same channels, tariff is reaching Rs.257 i.e. 50% costlier than old plan tariff. I am enclosing new tariff with this petition.

And also, in village my parents are watching cable TV. Cable operators are charging Rs.150 for all the paid Telugu channels and FTA channels till now. After TRAI new tariff, they are demanding Rs.250 for the same channels.

DTH operators charging same NCF fee Rs.153 for all SD and HD packs. There is no inter operator portability in DTH services. If Customer wants to change operator, it will cost Rs.2500 or more for new STB and Antenna. So competitive market will not established to discount NCF rates to benefit customers.

As per BARC, India has estimated TV audience of 183 million homes. TRAI new tariff will cost Rs.100 extra per each customers. That will burden Rs.1830 crores on general public every month. All operators are not giving minimum NCF tariff for SD channel packs over HD channel pack and there is no provision for watching less FTA channels for minimum NCF charges. This will loot Rs.21,960 crores per year from general public by charging max cap of NCF tariff from customers and it will fill operator and TV broadcasters pockets only. 

Kindly reduce NCF fee for SD channel packs over HD packs. And also set NCF fee for FTA channels bundles like 25 FTA channels @ Rs.25, 50 FTA channels @Rs.50, 75 FTA channels @Rs.75, 100 FTA channels @Rs.100 to benefit the public.

In this scenario, TRAI new policy is not helping the customers. It will bring too much burden on poor and middle class viewers. So kindly review the policy to benefit the general public.

7,153 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!