Change in Education System of India !

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Indian Schools were designed 100 years ago by British Rulers . During those days the students were not actually educated but were trained to work in factory which was established by Rulers But the same design the same method is continued since 100 years . I feel like School is a factory in which students wear uniform, bell rings, students enter with those sad faces, teacher teaches in old traditional way, again bell rings students move out to have breakfast . Everything is same. Students 100 years ago were taught so that they would listen to instructions, they were not told to be creative, no individual freedom. Everything is same,only the thing which is changed is ' TIME '.

In India, 20 students commit suicide everyday due to stress means after every 90 minutes a student commits suicide.

If I would be education minister of India I would have done may things. I would make education more interactive and more interesting. I would have introduced new technologies to students.I would have focused more on science subjects because world needs more of that . I would have arranged workshops and science exhibition and would make it compulsory for each and every student. The money that students will get by visitors will be used for trips to places that the students have in their geography books. It will be practical and students will enjoy it. There are many things that can be done to the education system. The Nation just needs a Innovative Education Minster.