Caste Based Reservation System should be removed.

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The purpose of reservation is to get rid of caste barrier and caste discrimination. It acts as an antibiotic for caste discrimination.The word reservation is a misnomer. The appropriate word for it used in the Indian constitution is ‘Representation’. It is not given to anyone in his individual capacity. It is given to individual as a representative of the underprivileged community. Don't divide students on basis of their caste, divide them on basis of their knowledge. There are as well students who despite being from the upper caste cannot afford to study and on top of that reservation makes it worse. Mostly, when paying the tuition fees in schools and colleges, their annual income should be taken into consideration and not the caste. Because not all URs are well to do and not all minors are poverty stricken. 

So say no to reservation in higher education and jobs.