Build the Road to Beautiful Beach

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Andaman & Nicobar Islands are one of the most beautiful places to visit and even relax in this entire world, Most beautiful aspect about the place is that its surrounded by islands all around and adding to those are scenic beaches all around the islands. One such Beach is Radhanagar which is in one of the Islands called Havelock, this beach is one of the reasons for which people visit this island now just imagine how beautiful that would be. 

The Beach is very beautiful and scenic but as an when we approach towards that beach and take that road to Radha Nagar, it looks like that we are going to heaven but Via Hell, the road is in pathetic condition, and despite many VVIPs traveled on the same road but still no action has been taken even till now. A tender was passed and the budget was also allotted for the road competition but the money got lost in between the process,  As a Citizen of our country, we have the right to know that where  is our money getting lost, its very shameful to know that out of 22KM of total road on the island  just 8 KM is constructed and rest all is kaccha road.

While Talking to a Driver Named Santendra, of Havelock I got to Know that he even tried to reach the government by writing several letters to PM Modi Ji and other important people like Ship Secretary, CS and even to the LG but just a formal response was given saying that action will be taken and after that, it was closed.  Also according to the response received by PMO stated that Tender had been already been passed before 7 -8 years only, so my question to Government is that if they already had passed the tender then why is the road still not completed. 

Also if by any chance the car gets damaged just because of the condition of the road then the only way to get it repaired is by Sending it via ship to port Blair which additionally gives an expenditure of 3 -4 Lakh rs Extra just imagine how would a driver arrange such heavy amount. 

Also, there are no job opportunities created at all, the population of 12000 people relies on tourism sector only fir they basic life necessities. 

The Drivers Association even did protests just for the road to complete and even the basic facilities like petrol and diesel to be provided to them but even after several letters, protests and requests the government is not looking on the issue and it looks like they are ignoring the same. 

Any Places' First and foremost impression gives its infrastructure if this infrastructure (in this case roads) is not building then just imagine the difficulties that the people along with the tourists and even the drivers are going to face. So By this Petition, I would Like to Request Government of India and all the authorities even on the island and Even Narendra Modi Ji to Please look to this issue. All the supporting do documents and video poofs are given attached to this petition.  Here is the Letter proof and below is the letter- Proof that it was sent