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Despite the ban TikTok received earlier due to pornographic and obscene content, it still hasn't developed stringent algorithms to keep a check on obscene and vulgar content. Obscenity doesn't always mean less clothes and more skin but it can be verbal as well. TikTokers often create uneasiness and dangers for people through PDA, pranks, stunts, etc. Moreover, the videos, especially the ones that involves young females are downloaded and illegally posted on platforms such as instagram and Facebook. This is a huge breach in women safety especially in a country like India.

A large number of TikTok users and content creators are of the age group 13-20 which means that they should be focusing on developing skills that will earn them a job or through which they can earn bread for their families in next 5-10 years. Instead, they are spending this precious time on TikTok which will lead to mass unemployment in the future creating massive troubles for the government. TikTok is a huge platform to showcase talent but teenagers need to understand that not everyone can reach their desired destination through it.

TikTok is a HUGE THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY. I'll directly quote the examples here. During the removal of article 370, Ayodhya verdict, NRC protest and lately, the COVID19 outbreak, the type of content that was floating across this platform could instill hate between communities and could lead to a bigger crisis in future. While the authorities and health workers are fighting a deadly pandemic, TikTokers belonging to a particular community are making content that gives out the message that social distancing, sanitizing, isolation won't but God will prevent from the deadly coronavirus. Similarly, TikTokers from another community created hate content that threatened and mocked the beliefs of the ones said to be affected by CAA and NRC. In addition to that, we all should know how much of our personal data is being collected through the apps every minute.

The biggest problem here is the level of exposure to such content. Teenage is the age where one should get proper environment and conditioning for the development of cognizance. Earlier, the task of providing the environment was comparatively easy because internet penetration was low and parents, society could have handled the situation on their own. Now is the time of social media and it is nearly impossible, especially for Indian parents and society to keep a check on the type of content being created and shared by their kids. This power can be exercised by our authorities that can draw stringent guidelines and measures to regulate the content on TikTok. Madras High Court banned TikTok in April of 2019 citing to the reasons mentioned above. However the ban was lifted in the same month. Now when TikTok is back and we can clearly see that it CANNOT keep a check on the content floating on it, IT IS THE RIGHT TIME TO BAN IT.


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