Let's be Indians, firstly and lastly.

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'Bhangi' is an Indian caste which is among the lowest of Dalits or Untouchables in India. They even have subdivisions and together form up to 70 Cr backward classes in India.

Due to their distasteful living and jobs like being: a sewer cleaner, sweeper or scavenger, etc., they are excluded from many parts of the society. Hence, these individuals endure segregation in housing, schools and access to public services. They are also denied access to land, forced to work in degrading conditions and are routinely abused by the police and upper-caste members.

In our everyday lives, we casually use the word 'Bhangi' to address someone who lacks a sense of style or someone with an unhygienic living habit. And in doing so, we are unknowingly drawing comparisons of the upper caste society to the lower or backward caste. It's 2019, and we are slowly and steadily progressing towards gender equality, same-sex marriages, etc. So why is the Bhangi community still being treated as an outcast? 

The casual usage of the word ‘Bhangi’ in a derogatory manner has created a demeaning aura around the actual ‘Bhangi’ community.

We, on behalf of all the backward classes in India are making a plea to the citizens of India and requesting them to collectively take a step in reinforcing the integrity of Indians by implementing a ban on the casual usage of the word ‘Bhangi’.

Please help us in getting the required signatures for the Indian Government to hear our voices and take the necessary steps towards blending the divide in the society and erasing the traces of casteism in India. 

#DontSayBhangi anymore.