An action against workplace harassment

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I have been a brilliant student during my masters. Later, I joined a job hoping to start my career graph and be a support to my family. I was awarded and rewarded for my performance by colleagues, peers and seniors, received domestic and international exposure of work and cultures. Very recently, I changed my job and joined a new organization. Ever since I joined, my boss started to harass me sexually. Directly or indirectly started to ask me sexual favors. When he could not succeed, he started to take his frustration out on my work. I complained to my HR who was a female, but she asked me to stay mum and do nothing about it. When I still did not listen and kept requesting for an action against my boss who had not only harassed me but my former female colleagues too; the management took an action against me and blackmailed me to resign else I would be terminated for no reason. I have been a performer all through my career and this sudden news was a shock on me when I have a family to support.

Sexual harassment, mental harassment, bullying, discrimination and persecution are something that not only happen with females but males too. We all study hard to get the best job and later work hard at our workplaces so that we can achieve our career targets. But, we all undergo harassment at workplaces be it major or minor and it not only affects us MENTALLY but also affects our PERFORMANCE and ABILITY TO WORK AND PERFORM. There are laws against it but the laws are not as stern and stringent, that colleagues, peers, seniors, management and organizations fear before harassing their employees. 

Most employees stay quiet, bearing all the harassment in the fear of losing their jobs and start looking for other opportunities. Others, who; if decide to speak out are silenced by either termination or biased investigations and results. 

Many employers have sexual trainings in place but when it comes to results, it is all twisted and turned so as to keep the image of their organizations safe. 

I therefore bring forward my situation seeking your support so that we all can study hard, work hard and our performance is not set back/ halted by harassment. We remain mentally and physically healthy. So that the ones who fear are the biased managements/ organizations/ employers/ colleagues who have or support such intent and actions directly or indirectly.