All IT Gadgets should have inbuilt Indian Language tools

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All IT Gadgets should have inbuilt Indian Language tools

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Beluru Sudarshana started this petition to Government of India (Ministry of Information Technology, Ministry of Consumer Affairs)


Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad

Hon’ble Minister for Information Technology

Shri Ram Vilas Paswan

Hon’ble Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution

Government of India 

Respected Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad ji and Shri Ram Vilas Paswan ji 

This week, a leading Kannada author published a e-book in Kannada, and tried to sell it through Kindle, a Amazon Book reading tool. Unfortunately, Amazon India did not support Kannada in its Kindle tool. This is one of the several examples where IT tools that are being sold in India are not Indian Language enabled. Lakhs of mobile phones, tablets, e-Book readers and other gadgets are being sold in India, worth several thousand Crores of Rupees.  

In this context, we request you to take steps making embedding of Indian Language interface and related tools (fonts, keyboard drivers etc.,) inside these text graphic interface based gadgets mandatory for all IT tool making companies.

All the products (both software and device like SmartPhone/Tablet, Smart TVs, etc), manufactured by any IT Tool companies, whether Indian or Foreign, which target the Indian market shall be instructed to provide inbuilt rendering engines for Unicode and should be able to render any Indian language text without any hitches or glitches ( All Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Languages)at interface level and also at user screen level.   Suitable guidelines have to be issued from the Govt of India in this regard to all the manufacturers. 

To make this happen we urge you to form a autonomous governing body for supervising all the research pertaining to Indian languages which are public funded or in public-private partnership. This way, we can reduce the redundant/unnecessary work.

The softwares or any product which is the outcome of research undertaken with the help of public fund should invariably be given for the public use and should be made available in the public domain. The source code of the software should be released under any relevant open source license like GPL, Apache, etc.

There should be a standard and uniform fonts and keyboards and other IT tools for all the Indian Languages in all these tools. 

This will greatly enhance the cross-lingual conversion or translation. This also helps in speedy localization of the software applications in all Indian languages. This can be achieved quickly with the help of public-private partnership or crowd sourcing.

Respected Shri Ravishankarji and Shri Ram Vilas Paswanji,  we  expect a speedy decision on this important demand, which will result in the digital presence of Indian Languages, thus fostering the development of Indian languages.  

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This petition had 488 supporters

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