No Vaccine, No Exams. A step for Life. #Student-lives-matter

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We the students of all universities and colleges in Haryana wish to raise our concerns about the order dated June 12, 2020, by the Government of Haryana in continuation of the directions issued by the State Government, and MHRD. It announced that only the final semester students will have to attend examinations in the conventional classroom manner in order to avail their degrees. This has caused a lot of chaos, concern, and confusion among many students and parents across the state.

With India having recorded 354065 cases of COVID-19 till date and we all know that the number doesn’t stop here. Despite these conditions, the decision of the authorities to conduct a terminal examination concludes that the lives of Final year students have lesser worth than their degrees.

Some of the things not taken into consideration are as follows:

1. Students who failed in any previous semester are being promoted and the students who passed in all semesters and reached till final semester have to give an exam with fear of the pandemic.

2. We are not afraid of the Examination. We already have given so many examinations; we are just afraid of the current situation. University claimed to arrange Exams in Social Distance; but, have you ever seen the situation minutes before the examination? It’s like a group of students reading from one book, same as herds of cows grazing in fields. Can faculty handle such a massive number of students and groups? Every student is not mature enough to maintain social distance. Even if s/he is mature enough, due to the pressure of the exam s/he might forget the basics like social distance. 

3. The mental stress and state of all other year students are understood but didn't the final year students undergo the same mental stress during this pandemic? They are also suffering from financial and mental crisis due to Covid-19. In this situation, this is not the best time to test the student’s skills. 

4. As this lockdown was implemented abruptly, students have departed to their native places amidst the outbreak without carrying their study material or luggage. In many universities there are a considerable number of students residing in rural areas and plenty of them come from low-income families, so they don't have access to high-speed internet or a laptop for online classes. Besides that, many institutes have covered approx. 50% syllabus only. If the exam happens, almost half the paper will be out of the context or the covered syllabus. 

5. In order to appear for exams, one has to travel to the concerned University and Colleges and not everyone is in the position to afford a personal vehicle and avoid public transport which by the way is not functioning conventionally.

6. Major of the state universities in Chandigarh, Rohtak, Gurugram, Faridabad, Khanpur Kalan, Jind, Karnal, Hisar, Sonipat, Panipat, etc. which offer medical courses have functioning hospitals and most university premises are being used as isolation facilities which makes them a high-risk containment zones.

7. We can't find many useful/proper study materials online. For example, local publication and native language paper solutions are nearly impossible to get online of which all the students are habitual of reading. 

An aggregate of marks can be calculated for the final semester based on previous semester exam results to assess the overall performance of each student. Once the pandemic is eliminated those students who are unsatisfied with the marks can appear for written exams to improve their scores.

If University did not cancel the exam then who is responsible for Student’s health? Can the Government give promise in writing for all the student’s health and safety? Rewarding them medical insurance and bearing the charges for their treatments. If the answer is yes, we can go for the Examination.

Man is prone to error; and One Mistake, only one mistake is all it takes that will cost many lives to suffer. It is not possible to sanitize every seat and every sheet for every student. How can we as a student community become self-reliant or Aatmnirbhar if we now give in to the pressures of the authorities and not raise our concerns?

Hope, you can feel the fear of our heart and understand the situation of students. We are eagerly waiting for some positive steps and feedback from your side.

Thanking you!


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