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Dear Sir,

Revolutionary Goans is an organization working for protection and upliftment of “Niz Goykars”. The organization believes that the Goan identity and culture is dying a slow death due to increasing migrant influx in Goa.

Therefore it is our endeavour to introduce a bill “THE GOA PERSON OF GOAN ORIGIN BILL 2019” (abbr. POGO) in Goa assembly. Revolutionay Goans believe that POGO bill will ensure protection of Goan identity and upliftment of “Niz Goykars”.

We would like you to introduce/table POGO bill in upcoming monsoon session which starts on Monday, 15 July 2019 (Assembly session dates have been mentioned in Bulletin No 138, FRIDAY 14 June 2019) and vote in favour of the bill.

Please find a copy of POGO bill mentioned below.

We expect that you will ensure that POGO bill is tabled and passed in above mentioned monsoon session.


To protect the rights of the person of Goan origin of State of Goa  in respect of jobs, benefits of various government schemes ,education, communidade and Government , semi Government plots/apartments/shops,, promotions and to make certain other provisions connected therewith

Where it is expedient to give better protection to the person of Goan origin in view of special Portuguese laws, provisions of code of Communidad, effect of late independence of Goa on education opportunities for Goans ,Peculiar social and economical changes affecting Goans and changing demography vis-a-vis  small size of the state  and its population.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of Goa in the year of the Republic of India as follows:

Short title, extent and commencement:

  1. this act may be called the Goa person of Goan origin of the State of Goa act
  2. It extends to the whole of the  North District and South District of Goa.
  3.  It shall come into force on such date as the government may by notification in the official gadget.

 Definitions- in this act unless the context otherwise

a.  "A person of Goan Origins" of the state of Goa shall mean a person who is or whose parents or grandparents, or either one of the parents or grandparents was born in Goa prior to 20 December 1961 or who had a permanent habitation in Goa prior to 20 December 1961 and is also a citizen of India. (All dissidents of a person (including a minor) of Goan origin Shall be person/s of Goan origin provided they are citizens of India)

b.  Government shall mean the government of the state of Goa or Central government as the case may be.

Rights and privileges of person of Goan origin:

a.  No other person other than person of Goan  origin shall be eligible to any of the  various beneficiary scheme declared by the government of Goa. This also includes financial schemes such EDC Loan, Education Loan, Mediclaim, Agricultural Subsidies or any other form or type of government benefits.

b.   No other person other than person of Goan origin shall be eligible to lease or obtain lease, auction, purchase, sales or possession of Communidad land

c.    No person other than person of Goan origin shall be entitled to any of the benefits provided under any of the statutes including any ordinance  and/or rules currently in force in the state of Goa and also those which would be enacted in the future by the government of Goa.

d.    The person of  Goan origin shall be given preference in any State/Central Government schemes, implemented in the state of Goa and permanent job opportunities, Government lease, Government tenders/bids, Government auction in the state of Goa.

e.      No person other than person of Goan origin shall be eligible to obtain lease, purchase, sale, auction, license, distribution or possess (in any form) shops or any other business of/in Government , Semi Government, Government Corporations (Like KTC, GTDC or any other government corporation) or PSU owned Property (Land, water, air or space)

f.        No person other than person of Goan origin shall be eligible to obtain any financial benefits from the Government of Goa for/in lease, purchase, auction, sales, distribution or possession of intellectual property, software, data or any other form of electronic media and communication. This clause is also applicable to  performance artists, music , dance, actor or any other art form involving intellectual property        

   Question whether a person is of Goan origin

a.                   If question arises as to whether any person is of Goan origin or not or with regard to any matter  pertaining to any   of the benefits  available to the person of Goan origin , then collectors of the respective district of North and South Goa shall  decide such Issues after hearing the parties,

  1. Respective Collector of North Goa or South Goa as the case may be shall grant a certificate to the effect that person is of Goan origin.
  2. The order passed by the collectors may be reviewed by the collector and the collector shall cancel the certificate of Goan origin issued to any person in case it comes to his notice that the certificate is obtained by making false representation and after hearing the Concern person.
  3. Any order passed by the respective collectors of north or South Goa shall be revisable before the government.
  4. The order passed by the government authority after verifying all the documents in such revision shall be final.
  5. The procedure described under the land revenue code and or the Civil Procedure Code may be applied to the proceedings in the enquiries by the collectors of North Goa and South Goa as the case may be.
  6. The Government of Goa shall frame appropriate rules in the matters of enquiry to be held under the act for issuance of any forms or other formalities or procedure pertaining to the above act within 3 months of coming into force of the act.
  7. Any enquiry commenced by the collector under this act shall be completed within 3 months from the date on which the application is made to the collector or information is received by the collector as the case may be.


(a)Any false information provided to the collector by any party applying for the certificate of  Goan origin ship shall be deemed to be a cognizable offence upon complaint lodged by the collector with the concerned police station.

The same if proved will have simple imprisonment for a period of 1 year and a fine of Rs.5 lakhs.

Register of person of Goan origin

(a)The collectors of North Goa and South Goa shall maintain village wise register of persons of Goan origin.

(b) the register of person of Goan origin shall be kept in on public domain and certified extract there of be made available to the public upon payment of prescribed fees.

Thanking You in Anticipation

Team Revolutionary Goans