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The Madina-Aburi Highway part of the Accra-Aburi Highway (N4) was partially completed and opened to traffic in 2013 . There are seven pedestrian footbridges which were part of this project and awarded to contractors. Up till date not a single footbridge has been completed on this stretch.

As a result of this, lots of lives have been lost on this road. It is estimated that over 180 lives have been lost through vehicular accidents on this highway  and day in day out, even more are lost. Pedestrians including the aged, children, the disabled, sick and the mentally impaired  are forced to cross this three lane dual carriage many times and at different times of the day just to go about their normal daily activities. This exposes them to  the dangers of over-speeding  and drunk drivers, drivers with faulty brakes and cars that are not roadworthy, blindspots and  changes in nature like rains and poor visibility that affect driving.

We believe if these footbridges are completed it will save lives first and foremost, improve the pedestrian experience and also make lives easier for the good people.

 We are therefore calling on the Government of Ghana, the Ministries of Roads and Highways, Transport and Local Government and Rural Development. The Municipal Chief Executives of Adentan and Madina, Members of Parliament of Adenta and Madina Constituencies to as a matter of urgency complete these derelicted pedestrian footbridges with disability friendly features to save the lives of Ghanaians who are exposed to various traffic dangers as a result of their use of this highway.

We believe once this is done, a lot of lives will be saved and this will also ensure a smooth flow of vehicular traffic.