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Government of Egypt: stop poisoning and shooting stray animals!

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This petition has been started by Occupy for Animals on 20th of January, 2013

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On January 10, 2013, the citizens of Suez had been waked up by the sounds of gunshots and were surprised to discover in the morning, that stray dogs had been shot dead and dumped beside the garbage bins on the streets, waiting to be removed.

According to SUEZ NEWS NETWORK, the massacre was ordered by the Governor of Suez, Military General Samir Badr Aglan.

On January 15, 2013 Dr. Suad Al-Kholi, Director of Veterinary Medicine, announced that the Directorate has organized intensive campaigns against stray animals which resulted in the extermination of 1,757 dogs and 518 cats stray while 3,266 animals had been vaccinated against foot and mouth disease and Rift Valley Fever.

In another announcement, the undersecretary of the Veterinary Services in Ismailia, stated that the extermination campaigns will be extended to other cities and regions; that they will use strychnine to poison the animals and / or will kill them with rifles.

According to the same announcement, the extermination campaign is organized in the city of Ismailia until January 31, from 15 to 17 of January in the village of Ein twig, and from 19 to 21 January in Balillaah.

In Qantara Sharq Center until January 24, and the Department of Abu Sawyer until January 13, Fayed Center until January 29 and Bakasasin from 5 to 31 January and Paltel great until January 30, and West Qantara until 31 January 2013.

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The President of Egypt, Mr Mohamed Morsi
The Chairperson of the General Organization of Veterinary Services, Military General and Dr. Osama Selim 
Ministry of Agriculture and Lands Cultivation, Dr. Salah Mohamed Abdel Moemen Khalil
Ministry of Interior, Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Moustafa
Ministry of Religious Endowment (Awkaf), Dr. Talaat Mohamed Afify Salem
Ministry of Health and Housing, Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed Ahmed Hamed
Ministry of Media, Mr. Metwaly Salah Abdel Maksoud Metwaly
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Tarek Wafik Mohamed
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mohamed Kamel Ali Amr
Ministry of State Environment Affairs, Dr. Khaled Mohamed Fahmy
Ministry of State for Local Development, Dr. Mohamed Aly Ismail Beshr
Ministry of Justice, Dr. Mohamed Saber Ibrahim Arab
Ministry of Education, Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Ghoneim Deif
Ministry of State for Parliamentary Councils Affairs, Dr. Omar Mohamed Mohamed Salem
Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Mohamed Hisham Abbas Zaazou


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