Support our farmers in Punjab, India: save their land, their livelihood and their lives.

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Show support for our family and blood: the farmers of India. The backbone, sweat and tears of our farmers have fed millions and raised generations of Indians. Without whom, millions would have starved and generations would have never left the country. 

We need them, and they need us more than ever, today. 

Support our Indian Farmers.

Image: "Sikh Farmer hit by tear gas shell below left eye. He was also asked if he wanted an ambulance and declined saying there are more important things happening with his Sikhs whom are marching."


"Indian Farmers do not accept the three new legislations — The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation); The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance; and Farm Services and The Essential Commodities (Amendment).

These laws will open agricultural sale and marketing outside the notified Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) mandis for farmers, remove the barriers to inter-state trade, and provide a framework for electronic trading of agricultural produce. 

Farmers believe that dismantling the mandi system will bring an end to the assured procurement of their crops at MSP. Similarly, farmers believe the price assurance legislation may offer protection to farmers against price exploitation, but will not prescribe the mechanism for price fixation. Farmers are demanding the government guarantee MSP in writing, or else the free hand given to private corporate houses will lead to their exploitation."

- Indian Express


“Early this week, farmer unions had released a joint statement stating that over 50,000 farmers were expected to march to Delhi by Thursday, Nov. 26. As they mobilized and marched, in the cold north Indian winter, the farmers were met with resistance from the Haryana Police instead. ⠀

At the Haryana-Delhi border, there were tear gas shells, water cannons and lathi charge. In some parts, the police dug up the roads, or put up iron barricades, cement barriers, piles of sandbags and even trucks with deflated tyres. ⠀

News reports stated that over 700 farmers were arrested and detained in Delhi early this week. The police have reportedly taken over 90 farmer leaders from the Delhi-Haryana border into preventive custody for two days. ⠀

Despite the aggressive crackdown, the farmers are continuing to gather and move forward. The Delhi Police reportedly sought Delhi government’s permission to convert nine sports stadiums into temporary prisons. The Delhi government has denied permission to the same. ⠀

Latest reports say that after two days of clashes, the Delhi Police has now allowed the protesting farmers to enter the city.”⠀

- @viceindia