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STOP Animal Cruelty in China

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FACT: China currently has no laws preventing cruelty to animals.

FACT:  China has drafted legislation (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Law of the Peoples Republic of China) that would criminalize acts of cruelty towards animals.

FACT: The 2009 draft (authored by a team of legal scholars led by Professor Chang Jiwen) if enacted would protect the rights of wildlife, domestic, farm, lab and working animals.

FACT:  Every day animals in China are subjected to unthinkable acts of  cruelty and suffering.

The following are but a few examples of China’s tolerance to animal cruelty.

- Millions of dogs and cats are killed for human consumption in China every year. Although some of the animals are farmed some have been seen to be wearing collars which substantiates the belief that many are stolen pets. They are inhumanely slaughtered using crude methods which include being bludgeoned, burned, boiled and or skinned alive.

- The Yulin Dog Meat Festival has received much negative publicity since its inception in 2009. Over 10,000 dogs and cats (many of them stolen pets) are brutally and inhumanely slaughtered during this 10 day festival.

- Fur farms in China are also subject to extreme cruelty. Many varieties of animals (including dogs & cats) are kept in open cages where they must endure extreme weather conditions until they are slaughtered. They are clubbed and are often alive when the skin is peeled from their bodies.

- "Bear bile farming” has taken the place of hunting wild bears for their gallbladders. The practice is extremely cruel and involves housing bears in “crush cages” that are so small the bears often are deformed or disfigured. The daily bile extraction uses various painful techniques, which often causes infection. The cruel inhumane practice continues despite the fact there are known herbal and synthetic alternatives.

 No person or persons anywhere in the world has the right to abuse or cause suffering to any animal.  As a Global partner to other Countries who recognize and legislate the rights of animals China needs enact its drafted legislation in order to take the first step in ensuring proper treatment of all its animals.

Our Goal is to have the Canadian Government place pressure on China to enact its drafted legislation.




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