Stop Bullying and Racism in the Canadian Forces

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I was bullied out of work in the Canadian Forces and left without any income as sole provider for 5 dependants. I’m asking you to support me and my family in pursuing justice by signing this petition now and to help me pressure all party leaders to stop bullying violence and racism in the Canadian Forces 8 Wing Trenton and any Air Force base in Canada.

This is a protest against arrogance and inhumanity, the majority of people do not care about racism and torture because they are scared, thinking that by closing their eyes it will go away hoping they would never experience it, but us and my family lived through it. We share the bitterness over the fact that the racists in government will never be brought to justice. We will address that and will not remain silent. Every new immigrant is a new nail in their coffin.

They are desperate and scared making discriminatory requirements; "Canadian experience" "communication excellence" rules. Scared of multicultural society they isolated themselves in small communities and Ottawa dreaming about old Canada where there cheap highly skilled and educated immigrants work to fix their incompetencies while they in return "mentor" and "develop" them through terror and turning immigrants against the immigrant. The military is the same, just a reflection of our society. Despite their mental retardation, they slowly begin to understand clearly what the word "defeat" means, this is Our Country!

All my family members went to see 8 Wing Trenton CF Base  Commander Brigadier-General Sean Friday now commanding officer (Under his leadership students committed suicide) of the Royal Military College in Kingston(in 2013 Col Sean Friday ) in an effort to stop the torture* in 426 Sqn , unfortunately  it is only initiated further retaliation of 426 Sqn Commander (who was regularly filling role of the Wing commander), through Trenton 24 CF Health Svcs Centre , coincidentally his wife a nurse (Capt) and 426 Sqn Medical Flight were under his command.

* Psychologist Alfred D.Biderman studied brainwashed American soldiers, and his work, augmented by strikingly similar accounts of political prisoners. Advocates working to end domestic, or partner, violence described the myriad of tactics used by abusers using the 8-factor Biderman “chart of coercion.” Therefore, it is logical for us to apply Biderman’s Chart to workplace bullying,... In its most extreme forms, bullying is torture.

* "Dr. Heinz Leymann, a psychologist and medical scientist, pioneered the research about this workplace issue in Sweden in the early 80ties. He identified the behavior as mobbing and described it as "psychological terror" involving "hostile and unethical communication directed in a systematic way by one or a few individuals mainly towards one individual." Leymann identified some 45 typical mobbing behaviors such as withholding information, isolation, badmouthing, constant criticism, circulation of unfounded rumors, ridicule, yelling, etc."

Using psychological violence, he (pathetic staged media propaganda using children) abuses people with methods that are harder for onlookers to notice, such as abusing the authority that comes with his job. Psychopaths like him are toxic leaders, cause chaos, poor management, and bullying in an organization. (His leadership failed when all my family members went to report his abuse and when retaliated against all family members)

I realized that I was not being "managed", "mentored" or "developed", but "bullied", and I refused to be a victim. When this became apparent to my bully, as I was using all available tools to expose his misconduct, he neutralized me by isolating me and destroying my credibility and reputation among peers and then forcing me out through constructive discharge or as presented to 426 Squadron members as early retirement.

Despite the CF's claims to promote and accept diversity in the workplace, I believe that due to my cultural heritage and unique personality I was singled out as an outsider by both my leaders and unit members leading to harassment and racism in the workplace. Differences in my last name, accent, and manner of speech were used against me as a communication problem, and normal communication characterized as aggressive, while some francophone members who can barely speak 'English'-have never been 'developed'. I have never had a problem in previous years however if they considered it inferior on any level, I was not provided with any communication training if this was the case. Exclusion from unit members was presented to others is that I isolated myself, my differences in opinion were interpreted as confrontational or insubordinate. Disproportionate blame for incidents that had been intentionally created and documented with false witnesses was an intentional and deliberate campaign against me.

I was stereotyped as members of the same ethnicity are all the same; I was labeled by a unit member (who threatened me on 15 Feb 2013 and I reported to Military Police- no action taken till today) as “Killer” which was denied and treated as a joke by my first supervisor despite other officer members who silently disagreed with this treatment. Labeling me as Serbian? "Anti-Serb sentiment" (Serb-hatred) in my unit. I was a South African citizen when I arrived in Canada, and the medical staff kept labeling me as a  Bosnian or Serbian. Because of anti-Serb propaganda led in the '90s. "The term Serbophobia was often likened to anti-Semitism, and expressed itself [1]. Major Steve Ilijanic(Croatian) RMC class 1998 college no. 21244 in my squadron trying to provoke me mentioned to me how his grandpa was Ustasha [2] and how he butchered Serbs during WWII. Also, his friends from Hamilton volunteered to fight in Croatia from 1991 against Serbs.

Flight Commander Air Mobility Systems Support my supervisor 426 Sqn RMC class 1997 college no. 20753  Maj Willem Hadders tweets- an example of how some people are so full of hate towards anything related to Serbians.

A number of published studies have demonstrated that people use prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory behavior to boost their own self-esteem. When people's self-esteem is threatened, prejudicial actions such as racism appear to restore esteem. This is obviously not a socially productive way to gain feelings of self-worth, but it appears to be one way for some future Generals, Lieutenant Colonels and Majors (Royal Military College "trained") in the Canadian Forces to do it. There's probably some kind of weird psychology involved when some fat-and-ugly-failure people gang together to attack a safe, distant target - a celebrity - with higher status than them or any of their ugly loser friends.

It generally refers to criminal acts that are seen to have been motivated by bias against : ethnicity, gender identity, disability, language, nationality, physical appearance, religion, or sexual orientation, or of their derivatives. Incidents may involve physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, or offensive graffiti or letters (hate mail).

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and why it can happen in Trenton and our Canada, who is his boss?

11 Aug 2011 In Winnipeg for the night. Just dropped off my big boss the general.  (Quebec born Joseph Aimé Jean Yvan Blondin or "biologically wired"  Thomas J. Lawson)

Harassment in Canada's military tolerated by leadership, former justice finds

Strangely during my "development" period my daughter also suddenly experienced bullying at school and we made the decision to immediately remove my family from this fear and hatred by relocating to Toronto and leaving our dream house in Trenton.I had to stay until my 'expedited' release with 'dignity' in front of my 5 harassers, as according to my CO, that was in my 'best interest' to let me go, leaving me without any income.

I was exposed to excessive monitoring not applied to other members to prevent any of my efforts to ask for support and assistance outside of my unit. Endless “fault finding” by my first supervisor became ridiculous. I was penalized for not getting along with my harassers claiming that I am not communicating enough with people when one of the reasons for non-communication is racially discriminatory attitudes and behaviour of my co-workers and supervisor.

 Applying Psychological Torture, "inner circle" ostracized me to the extent of completely ignoring me - refusing to even acknowledge my presence, they stop talking when I approach a group of people, or continue talking in whispered tones with unwelcoming strange looks towards me. Spreading lies and rumours that I was disciplined and charged, although untrue, rumours and gossip filtered throughout the entire unit and Wing to totally tarnish my reputation (losing a reputation is worse than death resulted in being rejected by the community and members of my work environment. Such acts are often difficult to reverse or rectify, and the process is likened to a literal assassination of human life. It is the Cold Blooded Destruction Of Our Most Valuable Personal Asset character. The damage sustained lasts a lifetime). I've sought to fight back, and the bullies simply continued and spread rumours that  I was merely a "complainer" and a "problem officer."

This, according to Psychiatrist Marie-France Hirigoyen, is the intent of many abusers: to systematically "destabilize" and confuse their victims (with irrational, threatening behaviour that preys on the victim's fears and self-doubts), to isolate and control them and ultimately to destroy their identity. It is a protracted sadistic sociopathic domination and calculated destruction of an innocent human being for reasons of pleasure, power, and social control by a group the "Old Boys Club".

Members of disbanded Canadian Airborne Regiment known for torture become part of Airborne Regiment Parachute Team Regiment that moved to Trenton in 1996 and changed their name in 2006 to The Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre (CFLAWC and Canadian Forces  Aerospace Warfare Centre (CFAWC). I had the encounter in "development" from a Maj member of (CFAWC), this centres are home of Intelligence Officers national security professionals in human intelligence (Ottawa allows use of torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment ). I guess why people are experiencing racism and torture in 8 Wing Base Trenton, where members of a disbanded regiment operate under a different name and different units. Not so long ago, again in Trenton Col Russell Williams  Commander of CFB Trenton, the biggest air force base in Canada;  was convicted as a rapist and killer. 

I was psychologically harassed and also bombarded with degrading themes called; Stephanie, Steph,(by my harasser RMC class 1994 college no. 19315 Major Jay Burt even emailed 12 Nov 2013 to multiple recipients as a joke 'crime against humanity'..“continual sexual harassment of Capt Steph (Stephen not Stephanie), "Bastard" in front of everyone in an open planned office (by WO from A-Flight 426 Sqn) labeled as a violent, angry, and dangerous person. The truth and reality is that this tactic is used by my perpetrators in an attempt to protect themselves, discredit me, and prevent me from coming forward and exposing them.

Psychological warfare or using psychiatry in strong-arm tactics is not a new phenomenon and it usually involves discrediting the target or having them declared psychologically ill.

Degrading themes are often used to try to prevent people from coming forward and psychiatry is often used as a threat in the sense of building false profiles.

Profiling me as angry, paranoia, narcissistic feelings by Deborah Elliott Queens University Kingston  “obsessed with weapons”- sanctioned, disciplined, charged”-when confronted with why all the lies with words used for an intended purpose, her response to my wife is that she is ignorant, is that how medical professional ethics work?. (payback 2015-She received The Liz Hoffman Memorial Commendation is an annual commendation that serves to recognize Canadian Armed Forces members). Racism isn’t a mental illness, it’s just ignorance and fear that has cost too many lives. I was wondering where and why she put those keywords in my file, the perfect way to create a profile that is made up to suit their purposes - retaliation of chain of command, attributes pointing to the"perfect recipe for murderous revenge" (first you a label person and then after that you manufacture information)  and twisting my every word to someone’s advantage in every document, not to mention labelling me with “Serbian descent”- which I take great offense to as I am proudly Canadian (by MD from 24 CF Health Services again co-incidentally a member of 426 squadron Milly Casey-Campbell (from Black Cape Quebec graduated Concordia University leader in anti-Semitic behavior, recently promoted/payback Navy rank on an air force base?) on the same day when the previously mentioned member forced and threatened me that I have to go to see her- obviously for the purpose of making this paperwork) and sending me for “Managing angry moments based on my descent”.

She started with a barrage of questions: This is not a joke! Do you see aliens? Can you read people's mind? Do you hear voices? I thought this was a joke, no this was not a joke this is because I wanted to file a grievance and harassment against 426 Sqn Commanding Officer. How would you feel if someone started asking these kinds of questions obviously for person's with Schizophrenia and created my file with Hallucination, Delusions and agitated body movements. No! this is not a bad dream, this is what I experienced in 426 Sqn, Trenton. The only logical explanation for this was to dismiss all my claims as an hallucination-another trick now exposed.

Why putting labels "Killer, Serbian and Bosnian" is to dehumanize nation and represent them as deserving of violence and unworthy of empathic treatment. It was deliberate to sway other members to persecute me based on my national origin, or ethnicity once it becomes socially acceptable to degrade us based on these salient characteristics. It is also to send a clear message to any Serbian that they are not welcome. Racists in the military consider the Slavic peoples subhuman " non Canadian" and then mostly francophone officers "close ranks" to keep misconduct from public view. That explains why the French Canadians been branded as cowards.("Draft evasion and desertion rates were also higher for francophones than anglophones")Consent, Dissent, and Patriotism by Margaret Levy

Is this for real in Canada? Almost like in Nazi times, NO SERBS, JEWS, NOMADS, AND DOGS ALLOWED. (Social deprivation, physical isolation and even banning my access to other parts of the office, exclusion from training and depriving mobility to move out of this unit, release without dignity and denying recognition in front of squadron -"Mug Out" everything that is only for "deserving members"- not for previously mentioned groups ).

Unit members (150 people) were bystanders and did nothing to condemn the racial attitudes. This may have been due to the fact that they were content with other racists not showing any human kindness. People were also afraid to speak out, as they were terrified of the brutality of the Chain of Command.

We are not Canadian we are others, did you ever see any medical record with the note Quebecois, Scottish or Jewish descent? No, this is only Trenton 24 CF Health Services standard.

This is his the rating one of them (Rate MDs : knowledge, punctuality and Helpfulness:)

#Dr. C is horrible. Waited over three hours to see him while he escorted a trainee around the hospital rather then leaving that to a less qualified person. Does not seem to know or care to know the patients history and sends out to other doctors rather then do the leg work. I would recommend you do whatever it takes to make another apt rathe then see this doctor.

#Has all the time in the world to listen to military members on the base yet at the clinic in belleville he couldn't have been bothered. He was dismissive, didn't even sit down to listen to me, I felt very rushed and not heard after the 2 hour wait to see him............

Why did I have to be sent to medical staff after my every rightfully legal attempt to address the problem through grievance, harassment complaint, ombudsman and attempt of human rights complaint(when I asked Maj Brian Tang RMC class 2000 college no.21865 from Scarborough to be assisting officer in the Human Rights Complaint against LCol Damon Perrault RMC class 2003 college no. E1772, he threaten me with my kids and at this moment I had to hand in my release letter. It was also intent from the beginning of this campaign, because once you have been released from the Canadian Forces, you will no longer be able to file a redress of grievance.)? For me a clear indicator of “retaliation”of COC to silence me through 160 pages of documents (Average of 22 pages/month) created by 24 CFHS medical staff- it is called psychological reprisal.

  "Individuals in organizations such as military and law enforcement or with the same experience, secret service/defence employees, government officials, Banking firms, and so on use specific protocols and tactics and is intended to deprive someone of their freedoms and rights. It destroys a person's privacy and control of their own environments. It is intended to create distress, disrupt all relationships, deplete person's resources, destroy one's physical and mental health, and inflict great overall long term suffering".

I found this information and I was stunned with coincidence of events at my workplace. Seems to me that someone was working “by the book” to create these symptoms.
“One method used to induce distress or suffering in a person is by systematically isolating them from their peers. Also rejection hurts, registered as pain by the brain, rejection can be used in attempts to harm and also to lower a person's self-esteem or self-worth.

My only contact with the outside world was through sport and volunteer activities. My volunteer activities were shut down because I was not a "deserving member" according to an email from CWO 8 Wing Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Shandor Gyuk to multiple recipients 15 October 2013 07:48 AM, being just one example(promoted to the rank of Capt and now in Kingston). How it was done with my sport activities follows:

This is one of the tricks of the trade; "How you isolate yourself from peers". First, they try to injure you on the sports field. If you give up coming back, you "isolate yourself"-mission accomplished. If not, they ridicule you in front of the team shouting loudly at your every move or pass of the ball and single you out. Next, they drop you from team competition, then they fail you on your physical test. I was always exempted as exceeding the standards before my so called "development" kicked in. They failed me for no reason during "development", and I had to bring my wife to witness any irregularity on my next test and again I exceeded the standard.

After a few months, some victims can suffer from psychiatric difficulties such as paranoia, chronic fatigue, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, and depression.

"A tactic that is sometimes used, to break a person down psychologically and physically, is to induce as much stress as possible for a long period of time." (From 30 Jan 2013 till Dec 2013, withholding information, not replying to my emails on urgent matters, making every task as difficult as possible with tight deadlines to frustrate me as much as possible, even my Supervisor Flight Commander Air Mobility Systems Support Maj  426 sqn came to tell me with a sadistic smile on his face" I know it is frustrating") this tactic is often used to cause macromineral deficiencies and acid-base disorders in the victim.

One tactic is to attack or upset, emotional or mood change, the victim early in the day or morning. This can set the mood or have a lasting effect through out the day. (Negative Conditioning)

Another tactic is to attack or upset the victim late in the work day on Fridays just before a restful weekend. This has the effect of causing the victim to think or worry, anxiety, about the attack or event through out the weekend.”

Targeting individuals through setting up programmed alter personality segments in the brain using the psychological techniques are carried over from the earlier experimentation of the Nazi's. These techniques were based on German studies under Hitler and Himmler where it was learned that children abused sexually or in other ways develop a dis-associative disorder and heightened senses.

  Subsequently, under the guise of helping me, I was repeatedly directed to mental health and various other support services on the base despite them never finding any mental health or other issues. This was to eliminate my means of subsistence through workplace psychological harassment and create a psychiatric file to prevent a lawsuit and also as psychological profiling is yet another tactic performed on a targeted individual for the purpose of finding weaknesses. They exploited from me all information obtained, including fears, triggers, value-conflicts, skeletons in the closet, areas of shame, vices, and all things they hold dear. They constantly sent me to medical services where they successfully "interview" me  under various guises. They use the information obtained to maximize their ability to destroy me as an individual and to cover up the 426 Sqn CO misconduct generating false medical reports.

  The Base social worker clearly indicated at our first meeting that my unit wants to push me out. In this time of budget reduction it would be negative publicity if the Canadian Forces release a large number of people and this selective reduction would be unnoticed by the public. At various times I found that my confidential discussions were leaked back to those harassing me, it was clear as they were all interconnected. The base social services, medical services and leadership used false statements, non-existent witnesses, also edited, amended and backdated my personal documentation. In addition, I was faced with escalating administrative measures designed to force me out and prevent my lawyer’s attempt to remove me from this unit.

While the support services and administrative measures created the illusion of due diligence in my case, the reality was that these actions served only to reinforce negative attitudes against me and further alienated me from the work team. My harassment complaint against my supervisor for threatening me 1 year ago to get me out of the Canadian Forces and people involved in the day to day harassment was never investigated and I was blamed for creating a “toxic” environment. 

The deliberate campaign to drive me out of the CF in order to preserve the “Old Boys Club” culture(Based upon the data available[3], the recruitment pool for the CF traditionally has been fit young men between the ages of 17 and 24, coming from rural areas or from urban areas with a population of less than 100,000. Recruits generally have been white males with previous familial CF ties, possessing a high school education or less); prevalent both at my unit and elsewhere at 8 Wing. I believe the harassment and racism I experienced was part of a pattern identified by various authors e.g. “Bullies in Power” etc.

This petition is not just about my case, it is meant to bring an awareness of the racism, harassment and bullying of members of the Canadian forces. It is terrifying that in this day of equality and multiculturalism that government institutions are still not taking discrimination seriously and that “further investigation of complaints would not be a judicious and efficient use of their resources.”

In the words of Serge Lagace "In typical bureaucratic fashion, unit military authority began to lie and change reports in order to hide facts". "It is time to have them removed through their own game."

Veterans': Wally Fowler's family fell apart, Veteran Greg Matters lost his life because of harassment, Veteran Rubin Coward was also forced to leave work due to discrimination. Please help me bring justice to the perpetrators.

[1]Cadik Danon, Chief Rabbi of Yugoslavia et al. in an open letter to the American Jewish Committee in 1995, during the bombing of Republika Srpska by NATO during Bosnian War, wrote of a background of,"... unrestrained anti-Serbian propaganda, raging during all this war, following the Nazi model, but much more efficient means and in a much more sophisticated and more expensive way. ... Even American Jews were not able to withstand this propagandistic poison,... they did not recognize the Nazis and racist nature of the Serbophobic dogma. They did not identify Serbophobia as a twin sister of anti-semitism ...".


 [3]Tracey Wait, Canadian Demographic and Social Values at a Glance: Impact on Strategic HR Planning (Ottawa, Canada: Department of National Defence, 2002).