Proportional Representation In Canada

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Proportional Representation Petition


·         Canada, like many other developed democratic countries, has outgrown its existing First-Past-The-Post electoral system which no longer reflects the diversity and modernized values of its voters.

·         Tactical or strategic voting has heavily polluted elections, with Canadians voting to remove or prevent their least desirable candidate from being elected, instead of voting for the party leader who best embodies their values and interests.

·         The Government of Canada states that democracy is the cornerstone to its country’s parliament, but the current FPTP electoral system does not reflect the democratic values of fair and equal representation. Our current government was elected by thirty-nine per cent of the country, a severe misrepresentation of the majority of Canadians.

·         Proportional Representation in Canada’s government would mean that the number of seats given to a political party accurately reflect the constituents that support that party.

·         The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees Canadians the right to vote, but it is the Government of Canada that guarantees that their vote counts.

We, the undersigned, supporters of proportional representation, call upon the Government of Canada to:

·         Acknowledge the current FPTP system’s shortcomings and the desire to see Canadian voters represented fairly in parliament.

·         Honour our current Government’s seemingly forgotten promise to have the 2015 federal election be the last FPTP election by preparing Canadians for a proportional representation electoral system in 2023.

·         Utilize the next 4 years to educate voters on proportional representation and its benefits, as well as troubleshoot, strategize, and research the best methods of transitioning our current system into a PR based system.