Canada: Implement a Vegan Option in Menus of Public Institutions, Schools, Hospitals.

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- According to the Dietitians of Canada, “a healthy vegan diet has many benefits, including lower rates of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure / cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.”

- Against the backdrop of the breaking news that Canada’s New Draft Food Guide 2017 Favors Plant-Based Protein And Eliminates Dairy As A Food Group.

- Considering that the American Medical Association is now telling hospitals to go vegan and ban meat and dairy, and that the Institute of Research on Cancer is asking the population to cut down meat and avoid processed meat.

- Following a vegan diet is the best action to reduce one's ecological footprint (United Nations, Greenpeace, Forbes, Oxford Martin School's research)

- For a number of reasons, including the environment, animal welfare, and health, many Canadians are choosing to adopt plant-based diets and lifestyles, or have reduced their consumption of animal products.

- A poll commissioned by the Vancouver Humane Society in 2015 indicates that 33% of Canadians are either already vegetarian or now eat less meat.

- In Portugal, a strict vegetarian option is required to be provided in all public canteens, including schools, universities, prisons, and hospitals.

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We call upon the Government of Canada to require public canteens under federal jurisdiction to provide a vegan option, and to raise this issue and work with provincial and territorial counterparts to require the same at all levels of government.

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Please note: At the adoption of the law in Portugal, a lot of support and positive feedback came from non-vegans and non-vegetarians as well, as in general, there are lot of people who just enjoy having more diversity and the possibility of doing a vegetarian and more healthy meal once in a while.

For more info: Watch the documentary "WHAT THE HEALTH!" on Netflix, COWSPIRACY and EARTHLING.

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