Immediate Ban on Single Use Plastics, Styrofoam and Paper in Canada

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Canada is a beautiful country, from coast to coast, but the future of our environment and its inhabitants are at risk.  Plastics take up to 600 years to break down, and in the process release toxic compounds that enter the food web and ultimately affect our health. 

Our Prime Minister has pledged to begin the ban on single use plastics beginning in 2021, however there is no guarantee that this will come to fruition due to the influence of lobbyists and corporate greed.  It is past time to enforce the protection of our environment for future generations.  With the support of Canadian citizens, we can urge our government to pass legislation immediately that will ban the sale and use of styrofoam and single use plastics in Canada.

Single use plastics and styrofoam are relatively new products of convenience and are not critical consumer goods. There are less harmful alternatives available, and we need to legislate this switch away from harmful fossil fuel-based disposable goods to keep the economic impact equitable across businesses in Canada.

Collectively, Nestle, Tim Horton's, Starbucks, McDonalds and Coca-Cola produce almost 40% of Canada's non-recyclable plastic pollution.  Leaning on these companies to produce environmentally friendly food and drink containers would have a significant impact. It may be necessary to boycott their products until they change their business models to allow for 100% recyclable, re-usable, or compostable containers.

It is time we commit to phasing out these environmentally harmful products in order to protect the health of future generations.  To assist in this effort, please bring a re-usable mug when you go out!