Force Banks to Give Mortgage & Payment Holiday

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Fellow Canadians! My name is Terry Kilakos, and I am the president of North East.  We are a mortgage and real estate agency out of Montreal Quebec, and today, we are asking for your help. Although I applaud the federal government for the measures they are taking to help Canadians, it is in my belief not enough. The average Canadian will have a hard time making mortgage and credit card payments over the next 2-3 months due to layoffs, and this health crisis that is hitting Canada.  

With the increase of cases in Canada of Covid 19 and the forced lockdown of many of the provinces in Canada, we, the people, are demanding the government to implement immediately the following financial measures to help Canadians:

1) Force the Chartered Banks of Canada and all financial institutions to issue a 3 month payment holiday of all mortgage payments.

2) Reduce the current interest rates on credit cards and give consumers a payment holiday of 3 months.

3) Provide landlords with financial assistance so that they may be able to grant renters a payment holiday.

4) Do more to help small and medium-sized businesses with financial stimulus so that employees that were laid off due to Covid-19 have a place to return to after this crisis is over.

With your help my fellow Canadians we can force the hand of the government to make this change.

Please sign this petition and share it with your friends and family.

Terry Kilakos