Child labour in Bangladesh

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Child labour in Bangladesh Child labour in Bangladesh is a big problem. According to Unicef there are 7.4 million working children in Bangladesh aged 5-17.   That’s more children than everyone in Edmonton.  There are different forms of child labour such as domestic and corporate labour.  Over 421,000 children are working in domestic child labour, whereby a child can do housework for more than 14 hours per day.  Many people allow child labour to continue in Bangladesh because it is normal to them. Child labour is highly valued, because families rely on the earnings of their child. Sometimes they’re so desperate, they sell their child.  When children are working in factories they are often placed in hazardous conditions. Companies hire children because they consider them to be cheaper than adults. Unfortunately, when children are involved in child labour, they don’t get to have a proper education and they don’t get to play. Children engaged in child labour are exposed to situations that make them vulnerable to trafficking, abuse, violence, and exploitation. Millions of children don’t attend school, because they are forced to work. Boys make up most of all working children in Bangladesh. According to UNICEF, approximately two percent of 5 year olds, and three percent of 6 year olds work. Child labour deprives children of their childhood. Many jobs that children do in Bangladesh are considered dangerous and put their development at risk.  Children work at roadside tea stalls, and weave between cars to sell goods.  Unfortunately, Bangladesh children work in five of the worst forms of child labour; namely welding, auto workshops, road transport, battery recharging, and tobacco factories.  Source: We want to help stop child labour, so that children will have a childhood to remember. We are trying to raise awareness, so that you don’t purchase items made from child labour.  With your support, children won’t be exposed to dangerous situations resulting from hazardous workplaces. We are going to send this petition to the Government of Canada to ask them to create legislation that will annually require large companies to publically report their efforts to end child labour.

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