Change Canada’s Laws to Protect Animals

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If you’ve seen the Netflix series Tiger King, you will already know that animals are often treated horribly. Just because you’re Canadian, though, don’t think that we’re not complicit. Cruel zoos à la Joe Exotic are numerous in Canada (Marineland, Jungle Cat World, and African Lion Safari to name a few), and our animal anti-cruelty laws are archaic. For starters, our laws:

  • Don’t prevent the sale of dog and cat fur,
  • Don’t recognize animals as sentient,
  • Don’t offer protection to animals being used in scientific research,
  • Don’t ban fur farms,
  • Don’t ban the use of cruel trapping tools like snares,
  • Don’t ban zoos or private citizens from keeping exotic animals (like tigers!)

In short, Canada’s laws don’t do a lot of things to protect animal welfare. On top of that, animals are treated as property under the Criminal Code, so it’s next to impossible to bring people who commit crimes against animals to justice. 

Currently, Canada laws fail Canadian animals. Let’s make parliament enshrine animal welfare in law, like the failed Bill C-246 from 2016 should have done, or Quebec’s Animal Welfare and Safety Act, which protects animals against many of the shortcomings in federal laws. I, and fellow animal rights advocates, urge Ottawa to do something about our antiquated animal welfare laws, and protect the rights of all living things in this country.