Canada: Allow family reunification during COVID-19

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The government of Canada is currently separating families at the border. Immediate family members of Canadian citizens and residents are being turned away, including partners and spouses (see for the government policy). See the following articles for some documented examples:

Sign the petition to tell the Government of Canada to allow immediate family members of Canadians across the border. No one should be separated from their immediate family (such as spouse, life partner, fiancé(e), or minor children) in a pandemic!

We ask the government to do the following:

- Clarify that crossing the border to reunite with an immediate family member is an essential reason for travel that is exempt from the border measures. 

- Continue to process work permits, study permits, and other visas for immediate family members of Canadians.

- Recognize a letter or sworn statement from a family member as proof of relationship, given the difficulty in meeting traditional documentary requirements in a pandemic.