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Ban the Pet Meat Trade and Enforce Law!

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Anti Pet & Bush Meat Coalition - Cambodian Animal Lovers call on the respectable ministers and Royal family: 

King: Norodom Sihamoni
Prime Minister Hun Sen - ហ៊ុន សែន
Minister of Environment: Sam Say Al
Cambodian Chief of Police: Chuon Sovann
Minister of Health Mam Bun Heng

Unregulated and non-monitored dog and cat meat trade hosts many virus that threaten both humans and animals alike. Anti Pet & Bush Meat Coalition mission is to eliminate such food trades before we see what scientists and our own environmental team have been warning for many years - super virus's emerging into the public domain that have the ability to spread quickly, mutate over the course of a year rather than "decades" and outwit scientists and vaccines thus placing human and animal life in danger.

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According to Dr. Jose Depre, SNTDM.Net co-founder, besides stopping animal cruelty, there are other urgent reasons for stopping this dark, violent trade.

"Anti Pet & Bush Meat Coalition international mission is not just to highlight the abuse of pets and bush meat animals within the meat trades, but to also educate the public on the dangers of diseases and viruses that are found within pet and bush meat animals," says Depre. "Nearly 75 percent of emerging infectious diseases in humans comes from animals, mostly wildlife, yet the majority of the public within the modern and developing worlds are unaware of this. Traders that continue such unregulated and pathogenic trades place human and animal security at risk. They must stop sooner rather than later before new mutations of deadly viruses emerge."

Since early 2012 we've already seen the Avian Influenza virus spread throughout Asia, America and Europe - but now the virus has mutated into a new strain of which both humans and dogs can become infected. Should the virus infect someone whom is already infected with a common influenza virus the virus will most likely mutate in to a much stronger and potent virulent super virus such as that Spanish Influenza virus.

Dog's are routinely killed in Cambodia of which many dogs and cats are either peoples pets or strays. While such virus's like Avian Influenza can only be passed onto dogs and onto humans via direct fluid contact or from preparing and under-cooking "dog meat" the risk is just to great to allow such a trade to continue.

While we're all concerned about "super virus outbreaks" food virus's also pose an even larger headache and cost the Cambodian economy thousands every-year in lost revenue and sickness. General health is more of a concern in Cambodia than most other parts of southeast Asia, due to a lack of effective medical-treatment facilities, a prevalence of tropical diseases and poor sanitation.

In Asia a STAGGERING 700,000 people every year die from food poisoning virus and, because the dog and cat meat trade is unregulated we'll never know the true extent of just how many people fall ill with such virus's in relation to the pet meat trade. Regulating the trade is also not the answer to controlling both super virus and common virus either.

Phnom Penh - April 4th - Global March for Dogs and Cats in the Pet Meat Trade.

April 4th marked Say No To Dog Meat's first international demonstrations against the pet meat trade - The mission was to make governments and traders aware of just whom we were and what we are going to do - END THE TRADE AND BRING JUSTICE FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE CRUEL PET MEAT TRADE.

Phnom Penh peaceful activists who were peacefully holding an event on behalf of Anti Pet & Bush Meat Coalition, were not allowed to hold a peaceful walk in the local park for dogs and cats in the Cambodian pet meat trade. Instead armed police with semi automatic rifles met them in the park ordering them out of the local ark into the gutter. The story made Asian headlines: See more below.

Food virus:

Anti Pet & Bush Meat Coalition a EU registered organisation has located the following food borne virus's and non-food virus's within the pet meat trade:

Campylobacter jejuni
Pathogenic E. coli
Canine Influenza (H3N8)

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55,000 people die of rabies each year. However, the number of deaths caused by rabies is considered largely underestimated. The vast majority of these deaths occur in Africa and Asia where such pet meat trades exist.

Cambodians in the local cities and countryside have little access to treatment for rabies, a preventable disease that disproportionately affects the rural young and poor. If dog-bite victims do not seek immediate treatment, they are likely to die. The virus is untreatable after symptoms appear, which can be anything from 10 days to a year after being bitten.

What's even more alarming - the dog and cat meat trade in Cambodia is actually legal. With rabies on the rise then time to act must come now.

The estimated rabies mortality for 2007 exceeded that of malaria (240 deaths) and dengue fever (400 deaths). That was 2007 and nothing seems to be increasing "health wise".

The report concluded that free post-exposure prophylaxis, an injection after a bite that prevents infection, is really only relevant for residents of Phnom Penh. Injections must be administered promptly, usually within 10 days of an infection. However for free post-exposure prophylaxis vaccines to work and eventually eradicate rabies the local government mus work with us to ban the trade and clear the streets of strays with spay and neuter programs most important.

Anti Pet & Bush Meat Coalition and Cambodian Animal Lovers call on the King and the following minsters and ministries:

Excellency: Norodom Sihamoni
Prime Minister Hun Sen - ហ៊ុន សែន
Minister of Environment: Sam Say Al
Cambodian Chief of Police: Chuon Narin
Minister of Health Mam Bun Heng

Anti Pet & Bush Meat Coalition and Cambodian Animal Lovers call on the King and the following minsters and ministries to enact the following:

1. Enact laws making dog and cat meat trade in Cambodia illegal.
2. Enact laws banning consumption, smuggling and any form of trading of dead carcass of dogs and cats for consumption either privately or commercially.
3. Provide funding to local NGO's to instigate a nationwide trap, spay, neuter, rescue and rehabilitation program to clean up the overpopulation problem of strays.
4. Please make public based on the evidence above that dog and cat meat trade is unsafe and a non-fit for human consumption.
5. Cambodian Minister of Health - Bun Heng - to instigate a nationwide free post-exposure prophylaxis program.
6. Cambodian Chief of Police: Chuon Narin and Minister of Environment: Sam Say Al - close down all pet meat vendors and prosecute pet meat vendors based on dockets 1-186A-T
7. Excellency: Norodom Sihamoni and Prime Minister Hun Sen - ហ៊ុន សែន to approve points 1-6 and set firm into law via The Parliament of Cambodia (Khmer: សភាតំណាងរាស្ត្រ ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា; Saphea Damnang Reastr ney Preăh Réachéanachâk Kâmpŭchéa).

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