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Stop and prosecute inhumane animal cruelty against animals like "Borko"

Thanks to K9 Rescue Bulgaria (, I was made aware of this heinous practice of injuring stray animals so they can be caught and/or killed easiely. I sat in horror as I watched the clip of Borko, a defenseless animal who already had been beaten once. He was beaten again on his OWN property as he has now been taken in by a citizen. I do not understand how a dog that is not bothering anyone can cause an angry mob to be so offended.

How you treat the least of God's creatures is the foundation for how you will treat others. Where does it stop? Are you permitted to then go and beat disabled children and adults? People who are homeless or infirm? Without fear of consequences, immoral activities become the norm. The government of Bulgaria needs to know that the world is watching and disgusted.

Letter to
Ministry of Justice Government of Bulgaria
Council of Ministers Republic of Bulgaria
President of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov
Stop and prosecute inhumane animal cruelty against animals like "Borko". There are humane ways to deal with overpopulation. In addition, no one has the right or authority to trespass on another person's property and physically harm its inhabitants.

After watching this video, I worry of additional mobs that might decide they do not like a disabled person living in a particular home or even a homeless person that wants to live in a particular park. There must be law and order. The directives must come from your government.

Even when there is civil unrest, it is imperative that the government establish laws to protect its citizens. If there was fear of persecution, then perhaps actions such as trespassing and subsequent beating of Borko would not occur or be documented on film.

Spay/neuter programs are crucial to combating the numbers of homeless/unwanted animals. Citizens need to be educated on proper animal ownership and care. If you do not know where to start, then please consult organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States ( or K9 Rescue Bulgaria ( for tips on how to humanely deal with stray animals. They may not have all the answers but a "stick and a mob" are definitely not the best solution!

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