DO NOT Tax Donations made to animal rescuers in BOSNIA!!!

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For years now, stray animals in Bosnia have been struggling to survive on the streets. Each day is filled with danger and their futures are unimaginably bleak. Night and day, devoted animal rescuers go out and save these animals from starvation, from neglect, from abuse and from succumbing to injuries. Their welfare was supposed to be the Government’s responsibility but, to their shame, they have shirked it and disowned it. Now they have gone a shocking step further; they have decided to tax animal rescue groups on the charitable donations they have received over the years. They are disregarding all expenses such as vets bills, medication, vaccinations, neutering, spaying, foster care, travel costs. They are demanding tax be paid on all amounts of donations and gifts, claiming they are unearned income. The figures run into hundreds of thousands of Euros. Some animal rescuers have already gone to court to fight these disgraceful demands and are awaiting trial dates. If the Government wins there will be no animal rescues left in the whole of Bosnia. Rescuers are threatened with prison if they cannot pay these extortionate amounts. Tragically, thousands of animal will be left destitute as the shelters close, fosterers will be unable to care for animals without financial aid and those poor strays which might have been saved from the hunger and misery of the streets, will have no one to rescue them. Please sign this petition to demand the Government withdraws this cruel and dishonest tax on charitable donations made over the years. Sign and show solidarity with animal rescuers in Bosnia so they may continue their selfless work with street animals, for without them life for so many animals is not worth living.