Save Patna's trees

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In the name of development and construction of roads huge number of trees have already been chopped down.

A new road is going to be constructed from Punaichak to Shastrinagar more. This path contains some of Patna's most green and pristine areas. The aim of this petition is to stop the construction of that road. 

On the road from Patna zoo to Bihar museum almost all trees have been removed. Many trees in front of Carmel high school, Bailey road were cut unnecessarily. Also, in the recent construction of the Bihar museum, trees had been mercilessly cut. 

Patna is already turning into a dust bowl. The air has become opaque. Many people and even children are suffering from life threatening respiratory problems.

Tree cover of Bihar is only 7% as opposed to the prescribed 33%.

The impact of low forest cover has been felt this year in the form of delayed monsoons.

The Government will start removal of trees in a few days.

Please save Patna.