A Class3 Student at Khagaul,abducted & raped by the Cab driver.Capital punishment required

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A private school cab driver has been  alleged for the sexual assault of class 3 student at Khagaul,Bihar. this class 3 student was not the student of the school where accused works as a driver.

The incident allegedly took place in the evening when the boy had gone out for cycling after getting mother's permission. But when he didn't come back at the time he used to come,his parents began to worry more by the passing of each seconds, and after that his parents started searching their child. But they didn't find his son till late night. Now they went to police station and made a complaint that his son is missing after today evening. Meanwhile accused dropped the boy near his home in the darkness of night.

This type of brutal incidents have no place in the civilized society. Speady trials , capital punishment would work as a deterrent . 

Link of this brutal incident is given below