Cancel Utility Payments for Belizean Households

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COVID 19 is now a pandemic that has resulted in the loss of employment for many people. Many of these people were already in low paying positions and facing economic hardships. Families will now have to be at home for all or most of the day especially during this warm time. This will result in increase in extremely important utilities such as electricity, water and internet. The citizens are calling for the Government of Belize to cancel (changed base on comments by public) the cost of utilities especially to households and those that will be affected the most. We are asking that you look at people below a pay scale, single and poor households and those employees in certain industries that will be affected by the shut down. 

Note: At least 25 million is going into helping citizens. We are hoping that some of that money will be used to cover the cost of utility bills for our citizens for at least 3 months.