Stop the Propose Burnett St Homeless Shelter/Royal Crest. from being built in Maple Ridge

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A new homeless shelter is being purposed by the Province of BC without the knowledge of the people who lives on the street. The government is planning to buy the land from the city for almost $4 Million ($3.9 Million to be proper). The land is currently sitting empty and not being used. The government also released plans for Mod. Housing on Royal Crest. Right in the Downcore of Maple Ridge In March 2018 causing the removal and relocation of a 95-year-old house. 

With two schools (Golden Ears Elementary and Thomas Haney Secondary School), a senior home and two condominium buildings with a new one about to be built. The purpose low barrier shelter location is not the best place. There are many small business within 10 mins walking distance of the propose shelter including A&W, a pizza place and a small shopping centre (ValleyFair Mall).

Since 2014, the homeless crisis has grown under Mayor Nicole Read (Source: The Province crime rate has risen which includes theft, drug related crimes and other mess.  (Source: Maple Ridge News

Businesses near the old temporary shelter downtown which was a low barrier shelter suffered a huge drop in business and crime rate in the skyrocketed. Businesses and homes near the current homeless camp near the Haney Bypass has been reporting issues with crime, needles near their businesses and other issues. 

I petition the provincial government to look into other locations away from homes and small businesses as this location is not for the best interest for the people of Maple Ridge. I purpose more treatment for drug abuse and have a shelter that is more centred around treating the drug abuse. 

PS: I’m not against the homeless people, I don’t like the fact some of the people are using needles, getting high on drug and comiting crimes. I get that some people have suffer actual hardships and I agree these people need support to get back on their feet.

We don’t want the drug and needles in the neighbourhood that would be brought by the shelter as there would be an increase of drug use. 

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